Plans Change Again


Life Is A Beautiful Gift To Enjoy

Writing a to-do list, thinking we will get up and conquer the world, face our giants, climb the mountain of obstacles, and sit down and relax at the end of the day may sound like an awesome victory. Perhaps we will be successful in accomplishing a great deal and celebrate our small or large successes.

What do we do when we have these great expectations, desires, or demands and we are not able to accomplish them for one reason or another? Are we a failure? Do we view ourselves in a negative light because we were unable to complete something we thought was a good idea earlier?

Being alive, let us take time to see the beauty around us even if we have a tremendous amount of things to accomplish, or if we have nothing to do at this time. Understanding we are all viewing this new day in a different way, it is still a gift we can celebrate, with or without requirements to do anything. Today is a gift to enjoy. We are here and can see beauty in many ways, and express ourselves in the midst of the surroundings we live in. There are many wonderful reasons to celebrate our ability to live and breath and have our being. Are we willing to slow down and share these moments with others? Even if doing so may be just giving someone a flower, or sharing a smile, to do so can create memories for others to celebrate life as well.

2 thoughts on “Plans Change Again

    • I agree that life is better shared. There are times when we must travel alone in life, taking care of business, financial necessities, education, or many other reasons. It is good to remind ourselves this is only for a season. Having the ability to love someone and have the desire to share life together, whether quietly in our heart or outwardly, is truly a gift. I look forward to opportunities when we are face to face, being present, and listening as one paints pictures of the mystery of life with their words. In a world filled with distractions and technology many are robbed of rich relationships and simple pleasures. I choose to share my life and celebrate each moment I am here, fully committed to live while I am alive. I cherish each moment I have with another for I know it is a great privilege and gift. There is much in life to be thankful for every day; how glorious it is when we get to share it together!

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