Packing light?

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How much stuff are we taking we us?

While writing a book addressing the variety of things we gather, and the emotional ties attached to them, I recognize everyone has some thing to deal with. Many are surprised to find out even the homeless may have several storage sheds full of things just waiting to get a home to place them in once again.

We all have gathered, stored, stashed, or pridefully displayed items we have collected over a period of time. As I traveled many years I have learned the importance of packing light. Upon returning home I am reminded once again how much stuff has been accumulated in such a small space.

There have been times when I go for a walk, and I look back and see the place I live. Even from a short distance, as I look down from the top of the hill I get a different perspective. All those things that seem to be so valuable when walking around inside, all the to-do lists that need to be accomplished, nothing looks  like that big of a deal, or that important from that point of view.

When going to the airport, dragging a suitcase behind, what things are really necessary to take with us? While flying, lift off or landing, as we look out the window we can see a variety of shapes and sizes of different buildings and houses. If we had the chance to go inside we would find many treasures of those who live inside.

It is interesting to think about how some things can have attachments to one person, and be meaningless to another. Why? One reason is due to the memories that were experienced as things were purchased, discovered or received. Also, what we value can be traced back to a belief system that we hold, consciously or subconsciously.

What we find most valuable is influenced by what we believe. Many who may not have relationships with others may attempt to fill a void with things to give them comfort, security or importance. Others may give away things to try to fill a different kind of void with the desire to gain relationships.

How shall we view that which we have accumulated while traveling on this journey? The beauty of having freedom is to know we can answer that question any way we desire. Shall we pack light and continue moving on, or shall we be like a rat pack, settling down for the long haul?


2 thoughts on “Packing light?

  1. There once was time when my wife and I had very few possessions. We had only the necessary things for survival, and they all fit in our car. We drove across the continent and enjoyed traveling light. All of our attention and energy was absorbed in our mobile lifestyle and the places we visited. The only gadget we had was the car. We felt free and unburdened by stuff. Now, after living in one place for many years, stuff has accumulated. We now have so much stuff that it prevents us from moving. Dreams of travel are suffocated by the thought of storing or disposing of all the stuff – there is too much of it and we have no energy to proceed. To those who have much less: Rejoice!

    • This is so well said. Thank you for sharing. I would love to add this to my book addressing this topic. It is so true, we work to accumulate, then become slaves to that which we have gathered. I often wonder about the true meaning of ownership.

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