Overwhelmed with stuff?



Have you ever been in a place that seemed overwhelming with a bunch of stuff piled all over? What is it, and where does it belong? Obviously it is not put is its proper place, wherever that may be. Looking at all the stuff there can be an emotional disconnect. How did it get there in the first place and whose is it anyway?

What do we do with all this stuff once we acknowledge that things are out of order? We may be asking ourselves who is responsible for this mess? Where did it all come from, and whose is it? Memory begins to fade as time passes. The sales we went to early Saturday mornings, times we went with friends shopping for the day; what about when a mother-in-law decides she is going to clean out her garage and fills ours with all her stuff? Sometimes life is not fair!

Honestly, who would really desire dealing with your stuff? I heard a woman speaking to others about cleaning up her stuff so when she dies her children will not have to bear the burden of getting rid of her belongings. Her friend stated, “I do not want to leave my kids a burden to have to deal with when I leave. Many of us finally realize “whatever we don’t want, they don’t either!” The first time I heard that I realized I need to put into practice that what I have been taking about.It really is time to get busy and simplify my life.

Another great question I heard lately dealing with stuff is simple: “Who really owns your stuff, you or it”? Embracing that concept, I have decided I am not letting my belongings hinder me. When we begin working through this process, a question may come up; “What is this sh##it, and how did we get so much”? The biggest question still remains How do we start, what can keep us motivated to keep up, and are there ways to join with others for tips, support and new friends.

I am so excited, I am determine that tomorrow I will buckle down and really begin dealing with all that stuff! A great environment is important to be creative. If anyone desires to go on this quest send me a message.

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