Now what?


Every day we hear another story, it is usually about Brenda LOGO 5-23-15  jpgsomething tragic or negative in one way or the other. What can we do to help create another story? How can we contribute to this mass body of information and communication in a way that will make a positive difference?

We all need to believe in ourselves, even if no one else does. To do so, let’s embrace our authentic voice that desires to be expressed in some creative format. There are many who are great story tellers and must write for others to enjoy their thoughts. Some people love to write music lyrics so that they can touch the heart and soul of man.

What burns within our soul? Do we have any personal passion left? What are the gifts and talents we possess? Do they lie hidden or buried under the cares of the world? With the negative media streaming continual bad news it is difficult to know what is the truth?

If we choose to look, we can see the beauty of color, the variety of life, and the amazing creations that surround us day by day. We actually can celebrate life with appreciation for all the good things. We are responsible for our input as well as output in life.

Let us begin making a positive difference in the world we live in. As we make good choices and practice communicating with others, sharing positive views of life, we can plant seeds of life, love, and hope in the hearts of others.

When we hear the question, “Now What”?, let it be because people are hearing about the difference we are making for this hurting negative world.

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