New Meaning in Life

1-3-11 441

Transitions Like the Waves, Non-Stop and Ever Pounding

There are times in life we will find our communication is non-verbal. Many things are said between the heart of another, searching for truth while looking deep into the soul, the eyes being the window. Straining to listen while silence continues to scream so loudly it becomes deafening; all this without a word being spoken.

How do we arrive to a place that seems almost sacred? Where can we go, what do we pay, to be able to enter into this type of intimate communication? This place and time can only be experienced in a realm that is surrounded by safety and covered in trust. Many times it is accompanied by painful circumstances. While there a stripping away of that which is familiar and well known takes place. Being left naked and vulnerable, we may choose where to go from there. Do we keep trying to go back to that which once was, yet never can be, or do we embrace our vulnerabilities and truth and move forward?

There is constant change in life. We desire to understand what is happening as those changes continually occur. Our seasons change, circumstances change,  moods change, everything changes day by day. When the changes occur we do not like or desire, we may attempt to make new changes. When changes happen that are outside of our control, how do we change to compensate for the transitions?

One gift in life is the fact we don’t have to do all this alone. We are able to reach out to others and build relationships. When the time comes when we need help we have each other. It is beautiful knowing the matters of the heart and to be able to share love, life and truth with another, with or without words to describe it.

Whatever course we chose to take, while we are alive, let us live life to the fullest!




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