Matters of the heart


What we are rooted in affects the matters of our heart. Are we stable, grounded and enjoying the life we are living? The soil we are planted in determines the type of fruit we bring forth in our lives. Will we produce shelter and beauty for those we love or will we be barren, without leaves and withering away?

Who can we look to for nourishment and care to be sure we are healthy and strong? Who do we trust for such intimate needs of our soul? These are the questions we must answer with total confidence.

We can not be healthy and sustained in an environment of bitterness and resentment, hostility and anger. We must guard our heart, lest a root of bitterness enter and defile many. There is power in forgiveness, mercy and grace.

When we walk in that power we are free to be healthy and whole. Isn’t it time we let our roots grow deep in the fulness of love? In doing so we will discover who we are truly destined to become.

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