Making New Relationships

20160408_114349“Simple Beauty Grows All Around Us”

There are days when I do not think I can continue on doing what I am doing. Then I take time to capture in thought or with a camera, simple beauty, as these flowers proudly reveal as they grow outside a local post office.

I believe we all have those moments in time when everything seems to get turned upside down and chaos is everywhere. What do we do when we find ourselves in situations that are out of our control? How do we get help when everything seems so overwhelming? Many times in life we may withdraw from others due to circumstances, obligations, restrictions, or fear.

Then a time comes when we really need the love and support of others, even if we don’t know how to ask for help. If we were too busy to develop relationships in the past, or were not allowed to connect with others for a a variety of reasons, it is not too late to begin building new relationships now.

Courage isn’t having the strength to go on, it is going on when you don’t have strength. (Unknown)

It takes courage to face our fears and be vulnerable to share our thoughts, and even our hearts with others. Hopefully we will use wisdom and reach out to create new friendships and long lasting relationships. It is important to be trustworthy, and find trustworthy men and women who are willing to take risks and share their life experiences. This is a gift to all those willing to walk along side us in this journey we call life.


4 thoughts on “Making New Relationships

  1. Oh my gosh, this is so true. I have a friend back in Long Beach who had been an alcoholic many years before we worked together in Boeing. Her retirement goal was to resume being a counselor to people who were going through what she went through. But then Crones disease overtook her, and the friendships she never developed were just what she needed. She had two friends, another woman and me. We both moved out of town and she is left alone depressed because her mother passed away and now she has no one in her life that is there to help her. Phone calls aren’t enough. She backed herself into a corner of loneliness and began drinking again. She cries all the time. I sent her worship CDs-she doesn’t like music. (Who does’t like music?) I sent her books, she prefers t.v. I recommended a church, she went to a Christian Science church with a neighbor (thank goodness she did not return). Oddly, she loves the Lord and feels comforted when talking with me because she feels closer to the Lord during our conversations. Am I to call her every day to ease her loneliness? How can you help people who set themselves up for failure? Your article is so necessary and sadly people who really need it may never read it. So looking forward to getting in touch!!

    • There are times when people go through things and they are in pain, yet do not know how to accept the help being offered to them. The one suffering you mentioned seems to respond to your communication. Knowing everything is for a season, if you are available to share with her, it can be a good thing. Asking God for wisdom and following His lead will help you both. There are times when we plant, water, or just wait watch as others grow. There are others times when seeds are planted in rocky soil, and they cannot grow properly. Using good boundaries and sharing life and love is a power tool we have to help others. There are those who may not have ears to hear or eyes to see, or have ulterior motives and do not want to change and are used to drain our energy. I am praying you know what it is you can do for your friend as well as yourself in this relationship.

      • Yes, you are right. I do have a friend who takes and drains and I have learned to distance myself in her situation. My friend Diane, I fear, is drinking and thus does not respond to my phone calls. But I will continue to call her and pray over the phone for her healing and peace. During recent months, God has brought friends from long ago back into my life so I can see the product of seeds I have sown in them over the years. I believe he wanted to encourage me even when I can’t see progress. Your response has been a great encouragement. Thank ou.

        • It will be fun to get together and be creative, share our thoughts while learning many new lessons together in this awesome race we call life. I look forward to your call so we can check our calendars.

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