Living in the real world?

Working in the real world requires being responsible, having a plan and working the plan, correct? I have heard people say discouraging words when I shared creative ideas I was excited about. Have you ever heard these words? “That would never work in the real world!” Is that real world a place where creative ideas are viewed as foreign concepts to be rejected. If so, what do we do with all the unique, unparalleled experiments or inventions waiting to be discovered? Shouldn’t we venture out into the unknown, walk out from under clouds of doubt and fear and face the storms of rejection from others? Can we stand tall while trekking toward the new horizon of freedom to be able to express our own creativity? How do we accomplish that which we dream about? We may start by picking up a pen and paper, or go to our computer, and allow our thoughts to be transformed into words written on a page. As we continue, fears will fade while our creative energy transforms into action. Writing free flowing thoughts, get-away plans, blue prints for our future, or a fiction novel, whatever the case, we must allow words to come forth. Once seen on the page, they become alive with passion and purpose. Passion compels us to move forward while fulfilling our purpose to be heard. The plan is to use our authentic voice in the real world without fear. People desire to see true, genuine and unique individuals, for there are not many who appreciate a ‘Great Pretender’. Now is time to share our creative talents and tell our stories. Let us be determined in our hearts to rise up and embrace the beauty of our individual voices as we follow our call to write.

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