Limited Communication

ViviLnkIf we were restricted with a limitation of five hundred words to communicate a message, what words would we choose to be spoken? Would it depend on the audience? What are the circumstances? Would they be the last words ever spoken to an individual or a group? Is this a time when one would desire to leave a legacy, saying words to be remembered by?

We all know we are here for a limited time offer. Losing loved ones is a reminder of the harsh reality of life and death. As I humbly write, there are many others also sharing their thoughts. (Limited to only five hundred words? I see by the word count, I have already used over one hundred and still not made my point). When we communicate orally we may not think about the reality of how many words we use. We may take for granted we have the ability to say what we think without restrictions. In addition, we expect others to understand and hopefully agree with us.

Communication is important if it is orally or in writing. There is a power that takes place when something is written. A Binding Contract, Lease agreement, Wedding License, a Copyright , or even my Diploma’s and State License to Practice, hanging on the wall, these are all written documents in one form or another. Seeing them, we equate there is some type of business, education, or commitment attached to them.

Using the knowledge I received in school as well as working with clients, I have found how therapeutic it can be to use a different type of writing; some refer to it as journaling. When we are willing to take time to write our thoughts down in a free flowing style, a process takes place that relieves stress, it is a type of de-cluttering the mind, while making room for creative thinking to occur.

Are we really limited to five hundred words to be able to express ourselves? Perhaps if we were writing a newspaper article, an assignment for our Professor, or a magazine company that has a prescribed word limit for their agency submissions. Outside of those types of parameters, we are free to allow our thoughts to be recorded in the written form in any way we desire. Some enjoy writing on the computer, others desire to use a pencil and paper and write the old fashion way.

Personally, I love to hand write in my journal, perhaps I may even sketch something, be creative and glue something I picked up when I was out and about. For example, when we go out for Chinese, we love to get the fortune cookies so we can read the silly little notes stuffed inside. It is fun to save them and stick them in my journal, writing a small note about dinner and capture a great memory I had with my family.

In addition, I realize at times while writing in my journal, I may be agonizing about an injustice and need a safe place to vent my emotions about that issue. Other times I may jot down notes about another great book idea I would like to write in the future. I do not edit my journals, nor do I fear my children will read them after I am gone and think poorly of me. I believe it is important to be transparent to a degree and choose our words wisely.

Many of us desire to write down our thoughts to assure they are not forgotten, but then we let fear or procrastination stops us. My question is this, if we do not write down our history, who will? I am talking about our individual history, or future events we will be involved with which also is our history in the making. Because some other author was willing to learn and then actually do the work to write their book, we can enjoy the labor of their hands. Looking back in history, I doubt William Shakespeare would have ever dreamed his name and his work would be available to read and to talk about in the year 2015.

I am thankful as a writer I am not limited to only 500 words to express my thoughts. Especially now; for I was totally surprised with an early birthday gift; a Professional “Master Class” Writing Course by James Patterson! “He suggests we write a million words before we start writing our book! I will adventure to say I have done that over the course of time.

Nevertheless, I want to encourage others to appreciate the fact we have the ability to read and write, knowing there are many who in this world who do not. For those who may, l encourage them to share their thoughts with others and willing embrace their passion in life while celebrating their ability to communicate freely.

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