Light Brings Light


Even a little candle can bring light to a matter. At times we all need more light shed on a subject before making an informed decision or a good choice. Are we willing to slow down and take a closer look at the whole picture before jumping to conclusions, or getting in over our head?

When a room is well lit, we will find it is less likely we will stumble over the furniture. In addition, when our minds are enlightened, we are less likely to fall into dangerous traps or step on obvious mind fields.

In this day and age people are instructed to get prepared for emergencies. It is vitally important to have available anything that will light up the darkness. May it be the darkness of the night, or darkness of the mind and soul, Light will always bring Light. This is an area we need to be stocked up on at all times. Perhaps now a good time to check your own light supply.

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