There are times when we get so tired we may wonder why we should keep trying to go forward. Today I was successful to work with a variety of different people, help little ones, take care of my duties as a professor, be a care giver and do a few chores. At lunch I enjoyed reading, “The Great Gatsby”, then had fun coloring with children before returning home to do chores. Am I tired, yes.Am I a quitter? No!

Why do we keep going when it seems like it doesn’t matter if we even exist in the course of things or in the big picture? Just as this post may never make sense to others, after all, why would someone write a post like this? For the plain truth of the matter, so it is in life. Yet, how many people will be honest enough to say how they are really feeling? There is no way anyone will ever know. As for me, I desire to keep the format I have created here transparent and authentic. Therefore, today I can say I am tired and it doesn’t matter, it just is a fact.

There are days when we can take care of business, be faithful to do our job, and then in the quiet of the night reflect on all the activities and then wonder why we bothered? I made a commitment to be diligent to write, and writing I am. Now I will ask once again, does it matter? Perhaps if one person can relate to what is being said and then recognize they are not alone it will be worth the work. We all go through temptations and trials, and that is why we need each other to be reminded everything is for a season. Things will always change. We have permission to celebrate big and small successes every day. To be honest with ourselves is one of the biggest successes we can accomplish no matter how we feel.




  1. What does it matter? Meaninglessness: that is the one of the great existential questions that has plagued mankind since the beginning of thinking. It causes us to question our actions, our goals, even our own existence. It is the theme explored by Jimmy Stewart’s character, George Bailey, in the film classic *It’s a Wonderful Life*; the disillusioned and suicidal George is presented with a new view of his past life, through the perspective of others, and discovers his worth is derived in the value others have of him; with a new attitude, George now values his own life and is able to live happily ever after. Your presence or actions may matter a great deal to others – whether you are aware of their feelings or not. Those who serve others often feel under appreciated; more than likely this is caused by a lack of communication, which is the feedback that helps us measure our efforts when we serve. The magic that helped George Bailey see his worth is cinematic fiction. Everyone in our real world can benefit greatly if only we expressed our appreciation and gratitude for the existence of one another – and to recognize the nuanced effect we all have in this world. You are greatly appreciated and loved. You matter.

    • The picture I posted with that article was taken when I was with you in Trinidad. Those little flowers were growing up near that big rock/cliff we were parked in front of. Thank you for the memories.

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