It’s a Good Morning!

tree of light 10-8-11

A New Day and A Gift To You

Each day as we arise we have a time of adjustment we go through as we are transitioning from a state of sleep into a state of awareness. We may or not be able to take time or even be conscious of the awesome beauty that surrounds us at that moment. Each new sunrise brings a new day. Even in the hardest situations life brings us, we still can take comfort in the fact we have been given a new beginning.

As silly as it may sound the truth is, “We have never experienced today before!” Perhaps our actions may be similar, chores still need to be accomplished, animals desire to be fed and cared for, jobs might await our arrival. Each moment will unfold and become yet another unique expression of time unfolding.

Hearing a train pass by in the early morning brings curiosity of the engineer who is operating it. Today is a new day for him as he passes through town. As the fresh smell of coffee lingers in the air it invites one to enjoy its flavor and waking properties. Curtains may be opened to let in the morning light, rays of sunshine bring the hope for an awesome day.

New flowers burst forth into bloom, new seeds yearn to be planted into soil, and life in many forms scurry about preparing for their own surprises of the day. We can see through the filters of gratitude and great expectations, or fear, anger and past regrets. We may not be able to change circumstances around us at this moment, and we may be facing many uncertainties, yet we can be encouraged. We always have hope in knowing there is new mercy in each new morning we see.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Good Morning!

  1. What a wonderfully positive message you have shared. Sometimes we need a “slap in the face” to shake off the doldrums and the ho-hums that dull our sensitivity and appreciation of this gift of another day in our life, another day that will never come again, another day closer to our last day.

    • Thank you for your encouragement. At times I wonder why I write, especially when I see so many mistakes after I push the ‘Publish’ button. It is a good thing to crawl out of the shell that has been so easy to hide in all these years. No time for hiding now, we shall live while we are alive! I love to read your comments, and look forward to reading your writings as well.

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