It Cost Money and Time to Be Late, Again!

JUNE #2 08 023Even using a sundial, we don’t want to be late because we procrastinate!

Trying not to procrastinate on yet another thing, I needed to go early to renew my driver’s license before my birthday at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Looking at the long line of people, young and old, I wonder how many are here at 4:46 p.m. on the last day to register or renew their license. How many here have to pay extra fees because they were late paying their annual dues?

This is just one example of things we all have to deal with living here in the United States, yet it makes it more difficult when we are penalized if we do not take care of business on time. Being late and procrastination seem to go hand-in-hand. I find it ironic how I procrastinated in the completion of a book I wrote titled “Pitfalls from Put-Off’s, Memoirs of a Procrastinator”. I didn’t finish the last chapter for nine months because I couldn’t figure out how to finish writing about a topic we never seem to stop doing. Is there a magical answer on how to quit?

Can someone create, or find a liquid formula that could be applied directly to the skin to help? Perhaps someone can invent a healthy procrastinator’s prescription. It could increase our awareness when we are tempted to put off doing something so we stop ourselves immediately and take care of business. There must be no side effects of course! What about some special drink that turns our hands bright purple if we get caught procrastinating?

I believe all the help we need comes from within. We all have to decide daily what choices as we will make in regard to the task at hand. When we make healthy choices, build support groups to help us stay on track and have an accountability partner, we will see a difference in our lives. We many never completely stop procrastinating, but we can make improvements in that area that will save time and money as well as many other areas in life.

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