Is Your Life Un-examined?

fall 07 256As this rock appears to be looking up, I too am seeking new directions!

While reading a syllabus for psychology class I found this interesting quote. Although many may argue it has merit; it was written long ago, yet relevant today. “The unexamined life is not worth living?  Socrates

As time passes we may all need to examine our motives, decisions, choices and even our thoughts. Why do we continue to do things in our lives that may take us in a direction we really do not want to go?

Speaking to a male nurse in the emergency room recently, I realized what a calming present he brought in the midst of chaos, pain and fear. As we spent a few moments together I was able to ask him how long he had been an RN. He stated, “Not that long, only about ten years; this was my fourth career change. His first was in the military, then another occupation where there was down sizing taking place, the next job had the same sad ending. He decided to go into nursing thinking is would be a more secure job. It surprised me to hear his story because he did his job so well. I was thankful for his kindness and his expertise in this life and death situation.

He is a living example of one who took time to examine what was happening in his life. He knew he had  choices he would have to insure his ability to live the life style he desired. Although we may have always been… or always done…. does not necessarily mean we always will or have to always. fill in the blanks.

We must realize there really is a time in our lives where we can’t do what we used to do with grace and ease. We have changed. This may be a good time to examine what is going on in our lives. It is difficult to look at possible changes in our relationships, careers, locations, finances, status and many other scenarios, yet it is necessary and fruitful.

Shall we agree with Socrates? It sounds somewhat harsh, yet how many will truly stop and honestly look at ourselves? How is our energy being spent? Are we willing to ask hard questions to turn things around or do we keep heading in the wrong direction?  To be or not to be ‘examined’ is the question of the day.


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