Is It OK To Be Angry?

cactus plant rising to the sky 2012 001I Feel So Angry and Sad. Is it OK to actually say that out loud? Anger and sadness are perceived as negative emotions and yet they are a very necessary and important part of our psyche making us human beings. Getting angry can happen for multiple reasons. When it does it can be managed by using the powerful force coming from within to motivate us to make positive changes in our lives. When we are taught this reality we can break free from the negative effects of anger and redirect that energy. We may then live a peaceful life.

Many times we may not understand we become angry because we are feeling insecure or afraid. To acknowledge that concept is very difficult, especially for men, because we are taught that men should always be strong and brave. It is true, men are strong and brave at times. Yet, as humans, male or female, we all have moments when things occurred that strike fear in our hearts. Our response to that emotion is met with another emotion called anger.

When angry some may say, “I can’t control my temper”, “I don’t know what happened; all of a sudden I got so mad I saw red”, “The next thing I know, something set me off”. There are times when we must unleash all of our pent-up feelings. We might yell at our loved ones and feel terrible afterwards. Perhaps it may be the smallest noise, a facial expression, even a verbal misunderstanding that creates irritation. When this happens emotions are expressed in a negative way.

At this time I feel angry about circumstances that are beyond my control because they affect my life. When I feel angry I may be tempted to yell at someone else. In doing so I may say things that I will feel bad about later although I will usually apologize. What happens if this occurs on a regular basis? Relationships begin to crumble and fall apart. We will have broken hearts combined with unfinished business.

What is the answer? We all know other people who have problems; perhaps we have a few as well. It is a good thing to learn solutions together. As a Heart Mender Specialist I am available to assist those who are ready and desire freedom. We will get to the heart of the matter and then start fresh, making new and positive choices from within and without.

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