Is It A Coincidence?

1-3-11 412Coincidence is God’s way or remaining anonymous. – Albert Einstein

How many times do we have things happen in our life that can not be explained? Life is a gift with many twists and turns that continually teach us lessons along the way to create who we are.

Taking time to reflect on the moments we have experienced in the past, we may see many things that we dismissed as coincidental in a different light now. Could it be that there were other factors in place that we didn’t see yet, were instrumental to bring to pass an occurrence or event?

Do we know what the word coincidence actually means? Do we causally say, “Oh that was just a coincidence”, when it may have been something else we can not explain.

An event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental, is one definition of a coincidence. The quality of occupying the same position or area of space is yet another. Knowing that, which definition would best describe our personal experiences, or was it a coincidence after all?


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