Innermost thoughts

Have you ever questioned how we can communicate thoughts from the innermost parts of our being? When awake while others are sleeping, in the stillness of night, I often ponder the complexities of life. What does it all mean? Can anyone ever really know the answer to that question? Many times when I do not know, I will calm my soul with the assurance that ‘time’ will tell. While becoming increasingly mindful of the present, staying serene and being focused in the moment, I see the concept of time from a different perspective. There seems to be a sense of peace that occurs when one successfully stays present and aware of each moment. In the quietness of the night hours, even early morn, I find an unusual stimulating energy that releases my creativity. How do I explain or communicate to another that which I am experiencing at that moment? It is my conclusion that there are times to share thoughts or experiences with someone we love and trust. And yet there are special times to bask alone and revel in gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Innermost thoughts

  1. Multilingual speakers have a richer pallet of verbal expression than the rest of us. However, language can get in the way of communication. For instance, the words and phrases of the English language are full of preconceptions, biases, and artificial dichotomies; its vocabulary may be insufficient; words and phrases can be misinterpreted. Absolutely efficient and clear communication must rely on Mr. Spock’s Vulcan mind meld, the telepathic link allowing the exchange of thoughts between two individuals, essentially making them one mind. Nifty, but completely Star Trek science fiction.

    However, you hit on an interesting idea: Mind melding the conscious with the unconscious; becoming consciously aware of our deepest mental world, the depths of the subconscious.

    Meditation practitioners attempt to still the conscious mind by letting go of transient thoughts, allowing them to stream by, paying no attention to them. Is it possible that once the conscious mind is still enough it could mind meld with the subconscious mind?

    Imagine being directly aware of the subconscious mind. Is it pure memory? Or is it alive and interacting with the senses?

    • There are many theories addressing the subject of the subconscious mind. It is scientifically proven we have negative cellular memories stored in our heart as well as trapped within our dis-eased bodies. Some believe hypnosis can tap in to areas that are buried deep within. I absolutely believe our subconscious mine is alive and interacting with our senses and have a large influence on our behaviors. To say our subconscious mind is pure memory, that answer I do not know. I think this is a great topic for further research.

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