In between stages in life

Transition, the act of passing from one state or place to the next. A transition is the in-between state in our life development. During these times we consolidate what we learned from our past, while processing the issues in life we are dealing with in the moment. At times transitions can help to bring closure to our past and help move us forward to our next phase in life as we continue to grow and mature. During that time we may experience self-doubt, lack of motivation, and lack of direction. We may experience conflict and tension in our relationships and choose to isolate. Our ability to focus and be motivated may suffer causing a lack of effectiveness. When we are going through transitions we are often filled with many questions with very few answers. Why do I feel so different? What is going on, nothing seems to be right! I feel like I lost my passion in life. In the midst of these experiences it is important to remember that transitions take time, they are common to everyone, young and old. It is a powerful tool to have someone in our lives to hold us accountable as we move forward, out of one transition and in to another.

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  1. You say transition is the act of passing from one state to another. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by state. We need a definition of state. What makes one state different from another? Aren’t we transitioning all the time? Please give some examples of these states.

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