If I had known

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If I had known ‘that’ then I would have warn others not to go down that path. It is such a deception; I am not sure how to even begin discussing it. What do we do when we find out we were lied to? The blind really is following the blind! We continually perpetuate the scheme each time we play the game, hoping somehow to make it through the maze and come out on top.

Let’s pretend we have a goal to be independent, have a dream house, high paying job, and a healthy and happy family. All we have to do is work hard in school, get a good education and be diligent to obey all the laws. But what do we do when we begin to recognize others are not playing by the rules?

How do we keep standing on sinking sand? I am referring to the facade we call higher education and all that it will provide for us. I fell for the deception when I decided it was time that I too increased my knowledge.As strange as it seemed, I knew it was time to let the journey begin. Who could have foreseen the outcome of that decision?

Moving forward in time, I found myself under the illusion I should continue on in my education. After all, one who is titled a Psychologist would definitely be able to be more influential and help others in a greater way. This was just the beginning.Three and half years into a Ph.D / Psy.D program, I was about to get the education of a lifetime. To my horror, during my pursuit to become the most effective leader, the best counselor I could possibly be to help relieve suffering, some things drastically changed in the field of mental health.

For many in the psychological field there is a huge movement to provide drug therapy, with little or no psychotherapy. Counseling is too expensive, and insurance companies do not want to pay therapists to listen to peoples problems. Many don’t care about the mental health of others.

What does it all mean? Why did I sacrifice my life over for the past decade to get an education I cannot use, and acquire a debt I cannot pay? Leaning on my own understanding, being lied to by the educational system, and perishing for lack of knowledge is the reality at the end of the rainbow for many. For whatever reasons we got here, the end result remains. Unemployment or minimum wage jobs are what many are forced to except.

I could easily get a good paying job if I were willing to sell my soul to drug companies, or other unethical scenarios. As a mental health professional all I would have to do is diagnosis and place a label on some unsuspecting soul according to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5), and then get out of the way and let others take it from there. Those suffering and given a diagnosis will be coded and billed to the state. The client is forever changed as they are informed they must take medication the rest of their lives regardless of the deadly side effects while being viewed as one who has a mental health disorder.

Being true to my own heart and vowing to ‘Do No Harm”, I accept the fact I cannot comply with the deception that is being foisted on the public. Now I am beginning yet another adventure to find solutions to help those in need outside the box of ‘Normal’. No matter what was the original reason I walked down this path, I wonder if I took the wrong turn early on. While traveling on this journey, it would make no difference how fast or slow I drove, if I was going in the wrong direction I would not end up in the right location. As it has been said many times, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If I would have really known what I know now  then, where would I be now? We always need to take time to re-evaluate our thoughts and determine if our choices are leading us in to the place we desire to go.


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  1. I applaud you for staying true to your ideals while adapting to a difficult situation. Your skills and talent have made a difference in the lives of many, and you have maintained your integrity in the process.

    Ideally, all our plans should include options for every contingency. At various points along the way we should examine our status and progress, look ahead at our destination to see if it is still a desirable goal, and make adjustments accordingly. Realistically, even the best of plans can fail. Our optimism and trust may blind us to dangers ahead. Unforeseen forces beyond our control may capriciously alter our journey or destination.

    There is one thing I have learned in life: Do not regret the path taken, for there is no way to know what lay ahead on the path not taken.

    There are no guarantees. The path not taken could have its own unforeseen calamities and challenges. All we can do is stay aware, learn, respond appropriately, and love ourselves no matter how successful our efforts or our compensation.

    The happiest people are those who love what they do. Money won’t buy that happiness, but it does pay the bills. I wish I could advise you on how to make money, but I am not qualified to do that. I can only offer you these proverbs:

    “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

    “A happy heart is better than a full purse.”

    • I have learned many things in life. One of which is gratitude. In that I am grateful when one, as yourself, is willing to share thoughts that bring peace, healing and understanding. You wrote, “The happiest people are those who love what they do.” As Emerson told Thoreau so long ago, “Look in your heart and write.” This I too shall do, for it gives me pleasure as well.

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