Hurry Sickness?

The opposite of taking time to relax could to be viewed as being busy. Has anyone noticed how the term ‘busy’ is being used almost as an automatic sound bite? When asking someone how they have been, a common response is ‘busy’. What does that term really imply? Busy in what way? Has the word busy became a pat answer we commonly use so we don’t have to say what we have been doing? Why is it that we can proudly proclaim we have been so busy, yet not see that may not be a good thing all the time. When we become so busy we do not have time for family and friends perhaps we should slow down and re-evaluate our priorities. Waking up with anxiety, hoping to conquer the never ending to-do list, we may try to hurry to accomplish even more. Working harder and faster, all the while finding out the more we do, the more that is expected from us. We begin to grow weary over time yet do not know how to get off the merry go round. We can become so busy we lose sight of why we started working so hard in the first place. Sick of being in a hurry? Understanding we need balance in our life, being willing to slow down to achieve it, may be just one way to bring a simple gift of peace and joy into the midst of our hurried, busy, sick world. I look forward to your thoughts. How do you view the term being busy?

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