How is your sleep?

I realize that staying up late is a great way to get tired! Yes, I said it. What causes people to be tempted to stay up late sitting at their computer? Do they not know the importance of sleep? Do they not know how the lack of sleep is detrimental to their ability to think clearly? How many people are truly aware of the fact that the lack of sleep can cut five years off their life? We desperately need to re-evaluate our sleeping habits so we can take care of our physical and mental health. In addition, lack of sleep can cause people to gain weight! That all said, I will begin this night to change my habit and make this short. Hopefully I will begin to write earlier in the day. I look forward to hearing your view about the issues of sleep. What is the average number of hours people treat themselves to rest each night? In the future, I will be writing about the challenges of insomnia, and the solutions that can be helpful to deal with it.

2 thoughts on “How is your sleep?

  1. Almost all vertebrates must sleep in order to survive. Maybe it is the price we pay for having a backbone, a spine of mostly calcium. Calcium chemistry seems to play an important part in sleep. Popular lore says drink a glass of milk before bedtime for sound sleep. Recent scientific research reveals that healthy functioning calcium channels on neuron walls are required for the different parts of the brain to communicate. In experiments at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts mice without healthy calcium channels had abnormal brain activity and lacked the ability to sleep deeply; they eventually express a syndrome similar to psychiatric disorders in humans.

    Sleep is important for learning and better memory. Our brain is a neural network that has the ability to constantly rewire itself after learning new tasks. When saturated with new learning, it enters a dream state, a house cleaning, whereby it tries to organize its memories in a more coherent way. Michio Kaku, in his book “The Future of the Mind,” says “Studies have shown that retaining memories can be improved by getting sufficient sleep between the time of activity and a test. Neuroimaging shows that the areas of the brain that are activated during sleep are the same as those involved in learning a new task.” Not enough sleep and we walk around in a daze of muddled thoughts.

    Sleep offers escape and forgetfulness from our waking hours. It is a welcome respite for the weary. It is our familiar friend. It can help us deal with death. Death is often described as eternal sleep, which is a much more palatable thought than personal annihilation. To awake from a sound sleep is to awake from timelessness; sleep is like experiencing a leap through time. Every night we sleep deeply we experience a timeless non-experience, a kind of pseudo death. This allows us to grasp that our death is an eternal, timeless sleep, and nothing to fear.

    As you can see, sleep is important for our mental health.

    • The amazing gift of sleep is fascinating and makes a great subject for research. In addition, there are many trains of thought about dreams and their meanings. When we suffer from the lack of sleep, we also lose the ability to dream. Thank you for your comment. I will return here to glean from and reflect upon this very informative response ‘after’ I have a good nights sleep.

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