Here for a Limited Time Offer.

How many times have we heard these words, “A limited time offer”? Recently I heard them in a new way. Why? My daughter came to visit and said, “Mom, if you want me to help you go through your stuff and get rid of things I will”. Sometimes it is a painful and lengthy process to de-clutter. She continued by saying, “We can sell things or give them away, but this is a limited time offer!” Although she was making that statement in regards to her availability to help, her words went deep in to my heart knowing this is true for many areas of our lives. In reality, a limited time offer may refer to a variety of things. At the moment I am limited to just a few minutes to write. It is my hope that those who read it will remember that our ability to communicate may also be a limited time offer. Lately I have lost many loved ones to cancer, accidents, or other unexpected events that took place. With a loved one rushed to the hospital and unable to speak or express their feelings, it leads me to write about a wonderful yet serious matter. Communication is something we may take for granted. My question; if you knew you only had ten minutes to say whatever you wanted, and whatever you said could be heard by everyone in the “whole world” what would you say? Knowing words spoken are like tooth paste, (once squeezed, it cannot be put back in the tube) so many are too afraid to speak. Fear of saying the wrong things or being misunderstood may cause many to shy away from communicating. The power of words can be creative or destructive. There is wisdom in knowing when to speak up or be quiet. I address this in my book “Pitfalls from Put-Off’s” Memoirs of a Procrastinator. There is a challenge we may face when we do not speak up when needed. Perhaps someone said something that was painful to hear, yet nothing was said about it, and no boundaries were set. Later other words were spoken that created even more wounds. Putting off addressing the issue can cause irreversible damage at times, causing loss of relationships, jobs, and maybe even war. We can also put-off saying things that will encourage others. Are we too busy to take a moment and tell others how much we appreciate them for who “they” are? Fear may cause many to retreat at a time when we need to move forward, showing love and compassion. How can we do that? When we realize that one of our most powerful basic needs include love and relationships it can be scary. We are all adjusting to different circumstances. Many desire to make positive changes to improve their world. In doing so, it is important to understand we all have one thing in common. We need other people in our lives for many reasons. Knowing that, there is one thing we can do that is not dependent on the circumstances that surround us, how much money we have, or what special gifts we possess. We can make a choice to share a kind word or smile as we travel along our path in our journey called life. It is my hope that we do not put off communicating with others in a positive way, for there are many pitfalls we can fall into that we may regret later. That is one reason I wrote about communication in my book and how to be aware of the dangers of procrastinating in that area. My point is the freedom to be able to express ourselves and to be able to communicate is a gift. Talking to others, sharing thoughts, telling stories, listening and laughing with someone else is all part of life. We can experience this together no matter what is happening in the world around us. Now is the time to speak out, write, listen, or share with others our thoughts. Who knows what tomorrow holds. Yet I know today is a gift to share with those around us in one way or the other. If you only had ten minutes to share, what would you say? Fortunately, most of us will have more than ten minutes to share our thoughts, ideas, and dreams. My hope is we will choose to do so during our own limited time offer here called life.

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