Help me help my self help habits

Self help is kind of a funny concept in many ways. There are a tremendous amount of self-help books out on the market. Yet, how realistic is it to think we can help our self? If we could, would we need to keep getting more self-help books? Do we ever get to the place where we can say ‘We have finally arrived’? Is there anyone that can help me help my self help habits? If I just buy this new book and do what it says I will feel better, be more, have more, know more……….. The list goes on and on. How realistic is it to think somebody else can help us? Some may help if we hire them to clean our homes, do our laundry, take care of our finances, some may even go shopping for us. There are a lot of people who are willing to do a variety of things to make money. Therefore, if you have a need and have the finances to pay someone, they may be able to help you accomplish your goal, coach you while you build your self-esteem, or train you how to life weights and body build. Depending on what we need help with will determine what we can actually do in regard for our own attempts for self-help. There are times when we may have a loved one who needs help. If we step in to help they may act like a drowning man, who in a panic state of mind, may drag down the very one trying to save him. Then there are times likened to the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” In other words, we all can get stuck in our ways, stubborn, and dig in our heels, thinking they can’t make me mentality. The reality is we all need each other at times, and then at other times we need to grow up and learn how to take care of some business.

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