Hands tied behind your back?

20151213_170459For some it would appear things come naturally, where others struggle doing even the simple things in life. As this picture demonstrates, determination prevails, even if we seem to get tied up momentarily. Obviously preparing something nutritious to eat is work. Being successful creating food others enjoy can be a major feat, especially for those who find cooking is not their strong suit.It can be considered an art form. Many demonstrate their love and take artistic license in their creations. There are others who dread the thought of even entering a kitchen, avoiding it like the plaque. They tread lightly when forced to enter, looking for exit signs immediately.

Being creative can be revealed in many forms and displayed in unique ways that only the creator can accomplish. We are all gifted to be creative in one way or the other.

“A musician must make music, a painter must paint, a poet must write to be ultimately at peace.” Maslow

One who loves playing instruments will see music as a gift that touches the soul. A painter will enjoy painting images to provide beauty to the eye of the beholder. A writer sees words as gifts to be formed into word pictures; showing a scene or telling a story.

Whatever strengths we have been given, gifts or talents, let us use them, for we know it is never too late to start. As shown above, even if we have our hands tied, (these were for demonstration purpose) we can enjoy the journey .

3 thoughts on “Hands tied behind your back?

  1. Good word. It’s like the quote by George Eliot, “It is never too late to be what you might have been”.

  2. Some of the best meals in my kitchen are put together with leftovers, which I call Refrigerator Pot Luck. Who knew I was being creative?

    • It is amazing the different gifts we have been given, showing creativity once hidden or even buried, can now be expressed with boldness and gratitude.

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