Getting rid of your baggage?

SPRING 08 #2 018What image comes to mind when we hear the question, “Getting rid of your baggage”? Up until today I would have answered disposing unwanted materials. Perhaps I would think the baggage related to emotional issues that could weigh someone down. As I was working on my new book which is getting ready for publication soon, I was still struggling with the correct title. Although I had many ideas, nothing seem to fit the subject matter. One potential idea for the title was, “Free Yourself”  Heart Menders Guide to Getting Rid of Baggage. It sounded great at first, yet I pondered for a moment about the last word. Baggage………….. What does baggage mean? To my surprise I found these answers:

  • Cases used to carry belongings
  • Equipment and supplies of a military force
  • Portable equipment and supplies of an army
  • A worthless or immoral woman
  • An adult female person (as opposed to a man)

That was shocking to me. I never would have dreamed the true meaning of the word. Therefore, I decided I would not title my book using the words, “Getting rid of baggage.” As I am learning to be a word smith I realize how important it is to speak clearly and be precise, not letting myself assume I know the meaning of words. In our world, the young adults will determine the future way we communicate and what words we use. The generation gap seems to be enlarging. I do not want to use slang words that will not be sufficient when talking to my audience. As far as the title of the book, the working title is “Free Yourself” Heart Menders Guide to Deal With Your Inner Hoarder. We have many opportunities to free ourselves of external and internal possessions and/or emotions. The question is, will we reach out, ask for, and receive the help to do so? For a free consultation contact me to set up an appointment.

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