Finding your place

sunrise siloutte 6-12-15

Where do I belong? Who do I think I am ? How many times have we asked ourselves these seemingly simple questions? Are they really simple? How does someone actually answer these? What do they mean?

For example: Do you feel like you belong in the physical place where you are currently lodging? When asking these questions, one must decide if they are referring to external or internal living?

Does the word ‘belong’ relate to a geographical location, group, or class setting? Is this question being asked to seek answers to address our need to belong from within?

The next question may be the internal quest we have regarding our purpose in life, our calling, our destiny.

There are many questions in life that may be answered by others concerning our identity. Only we can know the true meaning as where we really belong and who we are.

It is amazing experience when we accept the fact that no one else may answer these questions for us, even if they think they can.

When we recognize that fact, we will accept the responsibility and freedom to answer these questions for ourselves, with or without others permission and/or approval.

It is my calling, for those requesting my assistance, to help them to find their own unique and authentic voice. To help them embrace their identity, pursue their passion, and openly declare who they truly are.

As they receive their own revelations, recognize where they belong and what is their passion and true identity, a powerful joy and strength begins to build deep within their soul.The truth sets them free to be all they were created to be.

Lastly, I become their favorite cheer leader, encouraging them from the sidelines as they run their race. With a new boldness, powerful self-confidence, and a spring in their step, they walk forward into their future with clear insight and bright expectations.

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