Feeling insignificant

Are there days when it seems like nothing we do matters in the large scheme of things? Feeling insignificant in a world that is overflowing in so many realms? It is written, vanity, vanity, all is vanity. There is nothing new under the sun. Whatever is now has been before. Nevertheless, we all are very significant. Why? Because there is no other human being on the planet that is exactly like you or me. Isn’t it amazing to think that out of all the billions of people on the earth that each individual has a specific reason for living. Some may call it destiny, a purpose, or a mission in life. Perhaps, with all the noisy distractions that continually surround us, it is hard to really know what that purpose may be. I was asked this evening, “Brenda, what is your mission statement”? I was given a challenge to simplify it to three or four words that explain the core of its meaning. I began with, “I’m a Heart Mender.”… Speaker, Teacher, Author…I Help Hurting People. Although I am a professor, I quickly recognized this assignment was not an easy one, as clearly seen with just a few of my examples. My passion is to ‘Help People Help Themselves’. I would say that sums up my personal mission. As a speaker/teacher I educate and share information, knowing that with knowledge comes power. Empowerment coaching, teaching, and modeling freedom are a few of the gifts I have to share. They are for those willing to accept them and have a personal desire to grow, heal, and walk in liberty. As they consciously choose to embrace who they really are, be authentic and allow their own unique and genuine gifts to flow, they too will experience their self-esteem significantly increase. Once they realize that there is no one else who can speak with their voice, tell their story, or have their talents to share, they will begin to see how significant they really are.

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