Feeling a little crowded?



Here is a question that may be asked in almost any household; “Do you know where ……… is”? Whatever  object we may be looking for, if we can’t find it, obviously it has been misplaced. The more things we have accumulated, the more likely it is we can lose them. In addition, we will need more space to keep whatever we purchased. Once we begin the process of stacking, boxing, and stashing items in drawers, closets, storage sheds, etc. we will also begin to feel the squeeze as things begin to become overwhelming.

Soon we begin asking ourselves the question,”Where does this belong”? That would be a great question to ask even before we bring home that ‘new’ surprise.There are many times when we are not able to be in the mind set to categorize, organize, and place things where they are most beneficial. By the time we return home after a long day of shopping we may be too tired, or too busy trying to take care of other issues that require our attention.

There are many that are gifted with the ability to keep things in order. There are others who may lay things down with the thought they will put them away later. Procrastination can come in to play. They get busy taking care of other commitments with the best intention of returning later. Perhaps they are a care giver, or have their own health issues that flare up and need to rest. There are many reasons why we may find ourselves in a situation where things begin to pile up.

When we out and about shopping, going to sales, or in the act of gathering in one way or the other, we are vulnerable to the desires of that which we see around us. There seems to be some unspoken promise that a certain product, item, or thing will fill a void, or assist us in one way to make us feel better, look better or live better.

Are we purchasing things for display or for purpose? It matters not, for we are free to gather things in the pursuit of happiness, as long as we abide by the law. For many, less is more, for others, too much is never enough. Whatever the case, that which we possess will cost us, not only in the initial purchase, but in space and energy for the upkeep long after the purchase. How expensive is that?

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