Everything Changes In Time


140Making Hay While the Sun Shines

As I have grown older I see the value of being quiet at times where I might have offered advice in the past. Yet there is one thing I desire to leave behind, words of wisdom I learned so long ago. “Do not fear change.” I explained this to my daughters over and over throughout the years, hoping they will remember this long after I am gone.

Everything always changes over time. The seasons change along with the weather. Our bodies change as we grow daily with our moods constantly changing as well. Schools we went to when we were younger will not be the same as the schools we enroll in for college. The types of jobs we had when we were young have changed as more opportunities arose to move on.

When I was young and living on the ranch, I watched my father working out in the alfalfa fields, the day came when he took the old tractor and bailed the hay. Everything is for a season, and that particular one is gone now. When a parent grows older and passes away, it creates a different type of change in our lives. As we move forward in time, we will find our friends also have changed, as well as other relationships and even lovers. There is no one or nothing we can literally cling to for security because they too will change even within our grasp.

I could go on and on endlessly describing the way things can change, or I could change my mind and never discuss the topic of change again. As humans, it is difficult to accept change. We can receive exciting and welcomed news, or news of a horrifying event that shakes us to the very core of our being.We will never know from day to day what is coming around the corner, yet we can expect it one way or the other.

While explaining these facts to my daughters, I reassured them that it is a powerful tool when we do not fear change, for change is inevitable. I believe part of the good news is that God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We can cling to Him as He promised He would never leave us nor forsake us. For the rest of the story, nothing else really matters because all we have to do is wait a little while and things will change once again!

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