Don’t Deny the Giver

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A dear friend of mine said, “Don’t deny the giver the joy of giving.” Perhaps we have been taught it is better to give than receive. Therefore many may have a difficulty being on the receiving end. What happens when we insist we are the ones that give but never allow others the joy of giving to us? Fear, pride, distrust, as well as many other emotions can cause us to reject the blessings offered to us. In addition, being able to receive is a humbling experience, one that is difficult for many to experience.

I heard a man once say he was a servant at heart and derives joy for being able to help others. He said, “It is the way I express my life by serving others.” His desire is to give assistance by sharing a part of his heart beats and breath while giving to or ministering to others. By being able to do so gives him great joy.

To many that is a foreign concept, for they may be selfish, self-centered, or too greedy to think about the needs of others. Then there are those who have been faithfully giving of themselves, never allowing others to pour into their lives gifts of love and service in return. In addition, it is difficult to find those who are willing to trust others, especially when it comes to accepting the gift of a true giver. How beautiful it is to find those who are sincere, have no agenda, no strings attached, who are displaying a form of love that cannot be described in words. May we learn from their example.

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