Do you want to let your voice be heard?


“A Time to Reflect and Ask Questions”

There are days that I spend just asking questions, do you? What questions can we ask that may be helpful for our future? Who would we trust to ask, and how would we know they really know the answer? Can we ask someone who we are in a relationship with to help find solutions? Could they be biased and therefore not able to give us a clear perspective?

Why do we need to know the answers to life’s complex situations anyway? Isn’t it true that what may seem right today may be wrong tomorrow? Shall I just relax and trust that the answer will magically appear if I be still and listen? How many of us have tried that in the past? Did it work?

What shall we do when we believe we really need wisdom to address a particular situation? Shall we look for the answer from within or without? Are there those in our lives we can actually trust to share our innermost thoughts without fear of betrayal? What if they were to tell another about our concerns, weaknesses and insecurities? Would it be as if it were the end of the world if they actually did?

Do we have a hard time building trusting relationships with others, so we hide in busyness or isolation? Why would we be afraid to be authentic in a world of sameness? Do you find that any of these questions provoked deeper thoughts within? What were they? Is anyone willing to make a comment on this post and begin the new process of self-discovery? Yes-No, Why or Why not?

Were there any readers that noticed this whole message is all questions? Is there anyone who is willing to take time to respond to even one? It is a good thing to take time to evaluate life at times, do you agree? Will I hear from anyone on this probing subject? Does anyone think I would care to hear from them? The answer is yes but does anyone believe that statement is true? If so, will they take time to write a comment and begin a new journey by communicating in a new dimension of authenticity in a free, non-judgmental arena? Shall I wait to see what is the answer, or take up a new hobby writing short stories? Is anyone out there listening?


2 thoughts on “Do you want to let your voice be heard?

  1. I once knew someone who asked a lot of questions – it was really annoying because my answers seemed to be discarded or ignored, having no effect on the barrage of more questions. I felt like I was being interrogated in lieu of having a genuine conversation because the other person was afraid or unable to to make a statement, take a stand, or express feelings. An honest confidential dialogue is enlightening and affirming. It strengthens one’s humanity and chips off the rough edges of ill-formed concepts.

    • I agree with you completely. It is important to be able to share and participate by listening when having a conversation with others. I thought I would write all questions to see if could actually do it. I appreciate your comment. I like to listen to others talk so I can glean from their wisdom, as well as determine if I am in agreement. It is a rare gift in this day and age to have a confidential dialogue that is enlightening and affirming. I appreciate those moments in time when those gifts are unwrapped and enjoyed together with another.

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