Do you know your true identity?

While writing my first post I decided to begin talking about our identity. Have you ever thought about the reality we all are identified as soon as we are born. It is determined if we are male or female, what is our weight, height, length, race, and color. At our arrival the time came to officially announce our legal name. Last chance to decide what we shall call the baby.

When I arrived my parents decided my name would be Brenda Darlene. Of course my last name changed when I was married. For those who are adopted their name may also be changed. There are others who change their name later in life for many reasons. Nevertheless, it is our full name that sets us apart from all others.

We are all unique and have individual personalities, all of which help define who we are. Yet, the identity of each and every one of us that I am referring to is not addressing our physical appearance, age, or race.

I have found in my profession there are many who are fully aware of their name and age yet lost sight of their true sense of identity. When conducting  Heart~Mind~ Soul Symposiums I begin the first night introducing the participants to themselves.

We have a tradition when we first meet someone to introduce our self by stating our name. We share a moment of transition, from meeting a total stranger that perhaps may eventually become a life long friend. Yet how many of us who know our name struggle with the reality of knowing or accepting our true identity? I will continue to write about this fascinating subject with the hope we all get new insights about our own identity.

3 thoughts on “Do you know your true identity?

  1. This is a deep subject that touches on so many ideas!
    As social creatures our identities are primarily shaped by others, with good or bad ramifications.
    But what is this “true sense of identity” you speak of?
    Is it something we were born with?
    I can see the value in shedding the accumulation of potentially harmful societal identities and starting fresh, but ask an amnesiac if she is happy not having identities – what is that like? I’ll bet she feels confused around others. What is her true sense of identity? Is it innate, socially implanted, or is it self-manufactured?
    Congratulations to you for tackling these big questions! I look forward to reading your blog.

    • I am curious if you have any further comments to share as far as being unique, individual or the topic of identity. For this new week I will be changing the subject to deal with changes in life and how we view or cope with them. You opinions are valued.

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