Digging Out Again


Other people and things can stop you temporarily, Your the only one who can do it permanently.   Zig Ziglar

On a mission to recycle the warmth with others in the community, it was time to dig out those items that were being held on to just in case….. they were needed, a loved one wanted them later, or perhaps they could be sold and make some money, or for posterity sake!

When we want to clean our environment, we may start out on the surface taking obvious things away we no longer desire. As time goes by we may notice we still need a more simplified environment. It is at those moments we will need to dig deeper and commit to letting go of things that could have emotional attachments to them. As simple as used clothing or a familiar book that we read that once brought us pleasure, now can be shared for others to enjoy, It is a good thing to pass it on.

What is stopping us from de-cluttering our mind or our environment? We can blame others, and yes they may be involved, but ultimately we are the only ones that can stop ourselves permanently. It is helpful to get together with others who have the same goals and become cheer leaders as we celebrate each small and large success.

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