Did you lose your balance?

fall 08 086

Having fun drawing her portrait, taking time to relax in between work and school.

I always get amazed when I ask someone what they do for fun. Many times I see their face draw a blank as they pause for a moment and then say something like, “I will have to think about that for a moment”. As we continue to talk, they are surprised after a short time I ask, “Did you think about it long enough”? Their response is usually, “think about what?” I repeat the question, “What do you do for fun”? The majority of time they will say, “Oh yeah, uh…… I don’t know.”

Because we put off what can bring relaxation and pleasure for multiple reasons, especially as we get older, we may forget we need to have fun. In fact, we may forget how to have fun as well. We can actually procrastinate doing things that bring enjoyment, which may bring up feelings of anger and resentment toward ourselves as well as others. Self-recriminations arise, feeling like a failure even in the area of not having any fun. The key to freedom and healing is to give ourselves permission to start over again.

Balancing our length of to-do lists with realistic expectations, we can make appointments with our self to block out time for rest and relaxation. Written, or unwritten, we may need to shorten the list to feel good about ourselves; otherwise we may end up with a lot of half-finished projects and no time to play or have fun.

It is important to remind ourselves to be gentle with ourselves. Giving our self permission to have fun learning, and be patient while growing in talent takes time. It is awesome to see the fruit of the labor of our hands. I enjoy taking time off duty and paint or draw. I like to be creative. I understand if I do not like the way something I turned out I can toss it, or keep it to see progress in the next painting. It is O.K. to make mistakes; we all do, many times.

There is a lot of empty canvas in the world. Canvas can represent a variety of things in life. As we take time to express ourselves and explore the beauty that is all around us, we begin to feel the freedom we can only experience when we relax and give our self permission to have fun. This life is not a dress rehearsal. Therefore, enjoy the abundant life we have before us. If there is a struggle with procrastination contact me for a free consultation.

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