Dark night followed by bright days

395There are times in life that we experience incredible joy; there are also times when we experience incredible pain. During the time of loss, the death of a loved one, a marriage or a relationship, close friend, career, health, finances, freedom, even a precious pet, our heart is pierced. We are grieved knowing the finality of that which once was is never to be again. No words can be spoken at that very moment that will take away the pain.

Having a broken heart creates a very powerful force that cries out to be healed. When we suffer there is a tendency to withdraw to protect what is left from the emotional trauma that caused the wounding. To assure that we do not experience those painful feelings again, we may shut down, pushing others away while building walls of defense around our soul.

This very night, experiencing loss of a love, I determined I would call upon the Heart Mender within and push past my pain. There is a season for everything, a time to be born and a time to die. It is difficult to accept that fact even when we know it to be true. I will not run away from the pain, nor will I choose to numb it with substance, alcohol, busyness, mindless entertainment, or excessive sleeping.

There are times in life when we are called to be still and accept the fact that things do not always feel good. As ocean wave’s crash upon the shore, breaking upon the jagged rocks, pulling away only to return again, so it is with our emotions during times of loss! What do we hold onto during that time? What is the anchor of our soul?

There are many questions we will have as we walk along this journey called life. Many tests and trials come our way, some of which I failed miserably, some of which I passed with flying colors. I have learned over time as a student, the moment I take a test and submit it to the Professor I cannot change any answers. Therefore I do not allow myself to wallow in doubt while thinking I should have written this or that, or picked a different solution to a problem. I remind myself to move forward preparing for the next test coming around the corner.

It is important to build relationships with others because we need people who are trustworthy and available when we need to talk to someone. At times we may need to talk to a loved one but we cannot. Perhaps they are too close to the problem and do not have the ability to have an unbiased opinion. In that case we may need to reach out to others outside our familiar arena. If we have people in our lives we can call upon when we need strength, wisdom, and love when we are suffering, in pain or need a helping hand, that is a gift greater than anything money can buy.

I encourage people to tear down their walls of self-defense and allow others to help when hard times come that are too painful to bear alone. As one who has suffered a broken heart and survived multiple losses, I once again walk through the valley of the shadow of death, yet I will fear no evil. I know true love never fails no matter what circumstances are around me. Although it is a dark night, I know the sun will come up in the morning and with it new mercies I will see. I purposefully do not look back, and choose to share whatever gifts and talents I have with those who may desire my assistance as a Heart Mender.

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