Contrasting Beauty With Bareness

20160327_142354Beauty In A Black And White World

Taking a moment to share deep thoughts with another may seem to hard. What can we say when we find ourselves in a place where there are no words to be expressed?  An Erie silence can prevail in a place of trauma, fear, anxiety, or even death. At that time, perhaps only the eyes of the soul can communicate.

Things may seem upside down, as if nothing makes sense; what seemed like beauty may suddenly be viewed as darkness. At times like these may we find special moments filled with color in a very black and white world. They may be observed in ways we would never have seen before. It is during these times we search for simple things in life.

As this precious rose reaches for the light of day it lives in contrast with barren trees and winter remains. There is beauty that surrounds us, yet we must have eyes to see. Enjoying each precious gift of life no matter how big or small will continually enrich our soul. Let us be aware day by day.


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