Constantly changing

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There are times in life when we may be free to do things we enjoy and at other times circumstances will come up that appear to turn our lives upside down. Our plans to accomplish certain goals could have been completely changed. Things we thought we could count on seemed to disappear.

We understand that things never stay the same and our lives are in a constant flux. Why do we fear change when we know it is a natural part of life? We can rest assured knowing the only thing that we can really count on is the fact things will always change.

How do we handle life’s changes with grace? What do we put our trust and confidence in when we know everything is as shifting sand? This question can only be answered by each individual as they stop and look into their own heart. Some may say they trust no one, others say they place their trust in the rock of their salvation.

When we accept the fact there is a season for everything, we can be at peace knowing things are beginning to change all the time. We can’t place get our security from any person, system, finance, or organization for they too will change.

Accepting that reality allows us to flow easier as we go in and out of each transition in life . Finding others who are like minded and are willing to go through changes with us is a gift to be treasured. Going with the flow with someone you know is much easier than going it alone. We need each other as we whether the storms of life. It is not too late to begin making new relationships. To do so we need to remember that true friendships are a gift, and to have friends one must show themselves friendly.

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