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Is it possible to know if men have the same frequency of mood changes as women? Is it factual that women actually change their minds as often as people say they do? The question stands, is it ok for any of  us to change our minds, if we are men or women?

We know the weather changes, as well as the seasons change. Our bodies change and our relationships also had will change. Things we were able to do when we were young have changed; we are not able to perform as well as we once did as we continue to get older. Our interests will change as our maturity level increases. Although this is not new information, why is it we always get surprised when someone we know and love begins to go through transformations and ultimately changes as well.

I have the opinion that we may have false perceptions that we are suppose to be the same as we were, in reality it is impossible. When we think about the fact it is reported every seven years our bodies go through a complete change, why do we think we should look the same. That all said, why is it we think we are suppose to same the same?

Are we being influenced by our media, culture, peer pressure and faulty belief systems? What is causing our changing moods? As long as we are heading in a positive direction I think we can adjust to whatever changes we have to face.

4 thoughts on “Changing moods

  1. We should not feel we have to be locked in to any opinion, fashion, or mindset, no matter how long we may have held on to them or how vociferously we championed them in the past. Change happens. Our world is constantly changing, so why not we too? We should be free to change our mind however and whenever we like. Otherwise are we then forced to live as if caged in a rigid world unable to bend and adjust? That rigid world is so artificial. It can’t be defended. If you break free from that rigid world, just watch out for the catcalls and boos when people close to you react to your apparent serendipity and rootlessness. They may feel threatened or alienated. Friends and lovers like their friends and lovers to be predictable and reliable. In nature, change is inevitable.

    • I totally agree we should not feel feel locked in, yet many times we imprison ourselves with false beliefs. Fear of disapproval or judgments keep many from being true to themselves. I appreciate your illustration of being caged in a rigid world unable to bend and adjust. You do well painting pictures with your words describing a reality many try not to see in their own lives, for they too live in invisible cages. As time passes and we continue to change, may we embrace our reality with passion, living life to the fullest while we are here and able.

  2. Fear of change, to some people, may imply they have been wrong. It wasn’t until I got way past the age of caring what my age was that I realized change can be a refreshing reality in our lives. I had the courage to discover my mindset had been determined by limited knowledge or understanding. Free-flowing conversations with friends and strangers allowed me to rethink my view on a variety of impressions I had and realize I preferred the “new thought” rather than the old way of doing life. I am quicker to forgive without requiring answers to “Why?” It’s an easier life-style when we only hold our own self accountable, not requiring others change to suit our comfort. This is a powerful topic for discussion, causing much introspection and self analysis, because life is all about change, isn’t it?

    • I agree with you that this is a powerful discussion. I have touched on this topic throughout the blogs under the category change. A whole new book can be written on this subject in the future. I look forward to meeting with you and talking face to face, for you are correct, life is all about change.

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