Changes To Be Embraced

beach 07 504Deep in a Cave Needing Direction Which Way to Go

There are times we can be so determined to accomplish a goal, take care of business, or be in a place where we think we have arrived that we can sit back in our easy chair and do nothing. Those are all great traits and experiences to enjoy. Obviously we will all be dealing with circumstances in life in a different manner each day for we are all unique and individual.

Today brings yet another new sunrise. As we look out our window we can determine what kind of weather we may be having, sunny and cold, cloudy with rain, perhaps even snow. Whatever the day may bring, the external circumstances will have an influence on our actions, even on the way we dress.

New mercies we see every morning translates in to new beginnings. Often we may forget the simple fact that we have never experience this day before. Yesterday ended last night, and now we get to begin a fresh new day no matter what is going on around us. As I step outside my door this morning I will address the expectations of others at work and play being fully be present. Remembering Lot’s wife, I will not look back. Purposefully, I press forward toward the mark to fulfill my mission as much as I can just for today.

Having plans, commitments, desires and dreams as many others, I  trust that they will unfold as a flower blossoming slowly and in due time. Being anxious for nothing, taking one day at a time, is key to having internal peace. We will always have circumstances come up that change our plans, take us off our perceived course or even knock us completely off track for a little while.

That is when we need others to give us a hand, lift us up or help guide us when we lost sight of the right direction. Perhaps, like being deep in a cave, we are no longer sure which way to go; we just want out to see the light of day once again. As we experience the unpredictably of life we may need to go back to the drawing board, seek wisdom and then step back out in faith to enjoy a new day with new expectations.

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