Jun 28

How is your sleep?

I realize that staying up late is a great way to get tired! Yes, I said it. What causes people to be tempted to stay up late sitting at their computer? Do they not know the importance of sleep? Do they not know how the lack of sleep is detrimental to their ability to think clearly? How many people are truly aware of the fact that the lack of sleep can cut five years off their life? We desperately need to re-evaluate our sleeping habits so we can take care of our physical and mental health. In addition, lack of sleep can cause people to gain weight! That all said, I will begin this night to change my habit and make this short. Hopefully I will begin to write earlier in the day. I look forward to hearing your view about the issues of sleep. What is the average number of hours people treat themselves to rest each night? In the future, I will be writing about the challenges of insomnia, and the solutions that can be helpful to deal with it.