Feb 09

Hearing the Waves Roar?

373Simplicity of Life

As beautiful as the beach can be, the time may come when we need to take cover, withdraw to rest or take care of business. This simple shelter can provide a few moments of privacy for a quick change of clothing. In addition, it can be a semi-secure place to take a brief nap, or to be inside and still listen to the waves roar. Obviously, to live on the beach vs. visiting the beach are two different experiences. For now, fantasies of laying on the warm sandy beach can create a great image to look forward to in the future.

Jun 23

Contrasting Beauty With Bareness

20160327_142354Beauty In A Black And White World

Taking a moment to share deep thoughts with another may seem to hard. What can we say when we find ourselves in a place where there are no words to be expressed?  An Erie silence can prevail in a place of trauma, fear, anxiety, or even death. At that time, perhaps only the eyes of the soul can communicate.

Things may seem upside down, as if nothing makes sense; what seemed like beauty may suddenly be viewed as darkness. At times like these may we find special moments filled with color in a very black and white world. They may be observed in ways we would never have seen before. It is during these times we search for simple things in life.

As this precious rose reaches for the light of day it lives in contrast with barren trees and winter remains. There is beauty that surrounds us, yet we must have eyes to see. Enjoying each precious gift of life no matter how big or small will continually enrich our soul. Let us be aware day by day.


Jun 21

What Are You Waiting For?

20160324_181835-1Waiting Patiently Together

There are times when nothing can be done and we have to be still. How many of us get uncomfortable knowing we have to be patient and wait? What we are hoping for and what will actually occur is unknown. Only time will tell the true outcome.

What can we do to prepare ourselves? There will be future moments when we will be required to wait once again? Learning to accept things we cannot change, and change the things we can, and using wisdom to be able to know the difference is helpful.

There are many experiences in life that require our cooperation to be still. At times we may stand back and watch others appear on the stage of life and perform, even if we secretly desired to be the star of the show!

While waiting for a child to be born, or watching a flower blossom, we know we cannot rush the process. There are many other beautiful moments, or even tragic ones that require waiting and being still. Patience and peace may spring forth as we wait. As difficult as it is, freedom manifests while practicing being present without any expectations for a desired outcome or agenda.


May 13

Piecing Life Together

20151216_110052Life May Be Puzzling

Diligently working on a quilt, carefully placing each piece, creates many opportunities to make this into a beautiful work of art. Choosing the materials, cutting each square, then strategically placing each one down creates an amazing design, ultimately finishing a one of a kind masterpiece .

This photo reveals one of many ways fabric can be put together. The artist/ creator of this quilt always has the final say. Shall it be a king size, as viewed in this picture, or shall it be cut down and made into lap quilts, thus creating several gifts for others? Whatever the final decision, action will be required to finish the work.

Just as the materials above must be put together like a puzzle, if not, they become another unfinished project. The key to this puzzle is knowing if we have all the pieces to put it together, or are we waiting for one more? Unfortunately there are times in life when we do not know the answers and things do not make sense. See the beauty that surrounds us, even in those puzzling times we call life.

Apr 25

Does Anybody Care I’m Hurting?

615“One Place of Refuge When the Our World Falls Apart”

Many times we may wonder, “Does anybody care what we are going through”? We have a secret world others are not aware of and we may guard it closely to protect ourselves from any prying eyes. Yet we also hope secretly that there is at least one who is aware of our pain and might ask if we are OK? Is the spirit of the good Samaritan still alive that passed by and acted upon that which others ignored? He was one who saw another human being suffering and reached out to help.

Do we think that we are exempt from the humbling experience of pain, suffering and need? Do we categorize those who are supposedly less fortunate to a realm of purposeful failure, therefore deserving of their fate? What happens to our minds when we find ourselves in those same circumstances, all without our consent or wrong doing?

Depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and other negative emotions run the gamete, coming into play when we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control. They are so painful and we can not comprehend it, nor know how to handle it. What do we do when we  do not know what to do?

These are times when we need others who are willing to be supportive, love us unconditionally, and are dependable to give us good counsel. They have no hidden agendas, are not manipulative, and have our best interest at heart. When we find ourselves in a place of vulnerability, it is truly a blessing to have others in our live who can stand beside us. They share a word of encouragement, a hug, or will be a silent companion willing to sit and be still in a painful environment. These are the times when we can give thanks for those who are gifts sharing life and love no matter what circumstances we are facing.

Apr 12

It’s a Good Morning!

tree of light 10-8-11

A New Day and A Gift To You

Each day as we arise we have a time of adjustment we go through as we are transitioning from a state of sleep into a state of awareness. We may or not be able to take time or even be conscious of the awesome beauty that surrounds us at that moment. Each new sunrise brings a new day. Even in the hardest situations life brings us, we still can take comfort in the fact we have been given a new beginning.

As silly as it may sound the truth is, “We have never experienced today before!” Perhaps our actions may be similar, chores still need to be accomplished, animals desire to be fed and cared for, jobs might await our arrival. Each moment will unfold and become yet another unique expression of time unfolding.

Hearing a train pass by in the early morning brings curiosity of the engineer who is operating it. Today is a new day for him as he passes through town. As the fresh smell of coffee lingers in the air it invites one to enjoy its flavor and waking properties. Curtains may be opened to let in the morning light, rays of sunshine bring the hope for an awesome day.

New flowers burst forth into bloom, new seeds yearn to be planted into soil, and life in many forms scurry about preparing for their own surprises of the day. We can see through the filters of gratitude and great expectations, or fear, anger and past regrets. We may not be able to change circumstances around us at this moment, and we may be facing many uncertainties, yet we can be encouraged. We always have hope in knowing there is new mercy in each new morning we see.

Jan 18

Another season coming up

1-3-11 463


What do we do on days we don’t feel like doing anything, and yet we don’t feel like ‘not’ doing anything? Anyone ever feel like that? The never ending to-do list that always has one more thing on it, keeping the unfinished feeling alive with no satisfaction in sight.

The goal of being content in whatever state we find ourselves is noble; one that requires constant adjustments with many changes and transitions.  Can we accept the fact that everything is for a season, and when the season is over, once again we shall experience another beginning and another end?

Growing from infancy to adulthood, we all go through many changes, physically and emotionally. Realizing we are still growing no matter how old we are, and accepting the fact we will always be changing, gives us peace as we go through the process.

Although we can’t change history, we can learn from the past and move forward. As we embrace each new phase with knowledge and wisdom, we can celebrate the fact we are on a new adventure as we continue this journey through life.


Dec 15

You are making history!

1-3-11 293


Do we realize we are part of history that is in the making at this very moment? If this was a long letter, or just a few brief words, a lengthy book, or a poem written to speak to ones heart, once composed and time passes, it all becomes history in one form or another.

Gifted men and women are recognized in their time, but the truly great… after. Make history your audience.

Lance Wallnau shared these words, which in turn inspired me to take a moment and write. We are free to  spend our time in many ways, yet that which is lasting is kept in the heart and minds of others. Precious memories quickly become another part of history. Memories fade, and will never be known by another if they aren’t written down to be heard in the future.

How will our children know that which was past if there is no one to tell the stories? In a time where so many things are animated, in the form of games and entertainment, distractions demand our attention. With that, are we being careful to do our part to preserve the history as we know it?

Not all history has to be traumatic or dramatic, for we are surrounded with many gifts and talents that are displayed in beautiful ways. There are many who only think of times in history as those documented by  great achievements or horrendous events, wars and rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes, but what about all the other parts of history?

There are special times in life that can be as simple as seeing a squirrel climbing up a tree in the back yard, or watching birds on the beach as waves continually crash on the shore. Life has many beautiful gifts that we may share along the way. The simple things, as having the ability to see a grandchild smile, or watch a father teach his son how to play chess, all precious moments that quickly pass and become yet another part of history.

Can we stop and think about our story? Let us remember we also create a portion of history each day we live our lives. There will be times we have a peaceful and somewhat uneventful experience, while others may be filled with challenges, trials and temptations. Whatever the case may be, let us be determined to press forward and purposefully make our future like no other; making a history that encouraged and enlightened others now and for years to come.



Oct 06

Yesterday ended last night!

DSC03999The beauty of the sunset signals a new day is coming!

It is amazing to think about the concept of time and how it passes; knowing each day literally brings a new beginning. Although we understand this is true, it is easy to forget, especially if we live in a very structured routine or schedule. Some may have the mentality, “Another day and another dollar”. Others may be retired or looking for work, whatever the case may be, time passes by for all of us.

We all will have moments where we experience our highest highs, and lowest lows, for life fluctuates on a continual basis. As we enter a new season and prepare for shorter days, we can literally see in creations the physical reality of change. What happens mentally when we go through our own emotional fall/ winter seasons? Do the things that brought us pleasure seem to be lifeless? Are there long periods of darkness, cold spells, and temptations to isolate as one staying indoors during a storm?

It is true that there is a season for everything and for everything there is a season. Recently I have evaluated my life style to determine what to focus my energy to accomplish. I realize I had to accept there were many things I previously desired to accomplish and failed to do so for whatever reason. We can’t change history but we can learn from it. I have been in the process of being educated in many ways due to these lessons.

Life is not always fair, no matter how good my intentions are. It is good to remind ourselves of this thought as it helps us to put things in to perspective.

“Failure is an event, not a person, yesterday ended last night.”
Zig Ziglar

To embrace this mindset about failure provides us freedom. We all may have experienced times of devastation, disappointment or seemingly total despair in one way or the other. Perhaps there were even neon signs pointing out our failed attempts, adding shame, fear or other negative emotions.

When we recognize we experienced feeling like a failure in the past, and everyone has in one way or the other, it is helpful to remember it really was yesterday! Knowing that, we can begin to celebrate the fact we survived all that chaos and move forward toward new goals for a new day.

Aug 15

No turning back


FALL 2007 034I remember a time in my life many years ago, I determined I was going to have my third child at home. When the time came and I was in labor, I had to purpose in my heart to make the final commitment. I knew there was no turning back if I didn’t leave soon. Was I really going to home birth my child? With no midwife, no doctor and with the nearest hospital 20 miles away? Was I prepared emotionally and spiritually for what was ahead? Living in the country has its advantages; yet in an emergency situation it may not be good to be so far away from help.

At that moment in time I drew upon a confidence I had from within, prayed and consciously focused on the task at hand. My job was to give everything I had to bring forth a new life into this world. Labor pains is a very sterilized description and concept to attempt to describe what happens each time a baby is born. The word labor, when describing childbirth is the most intense form of work known in humanity. Every woman who has been blessed to become a mother knows the pain and endurance it takes to give everything and more to bring forth a new child.

There are many who have not experienced childbirth, (obviously males and females). Yet they came to a place in time where they knew something was about to change. They had to embrace the reality they needed to give birth to new ideas, step outside the box, or form new relationships, knowing all the time that there would be no turning back. A powerful life changing experience was about to take place.

Perhaps they have suffered a loss, a death of a dream, relationship, or a career. Fear of the unknown, self-doubt, procrastination, or many other forms of resistance can cause us to withdraw, run away, or isolate and not move forward. Many times we want to turn around and go back to that which is familiar.

Some might wonder why I would write about this concept? One reason may be that I am watching that same baby, the first daughter to be home birthed, now preparing to give birth to her own son in a few weeks. I watched as she announced her pregnancy, suffered the loss of one child and then become pregnant once again. She slowly, patiently moved forward, while working, planning her steps, fully invested and committed to go full term.

To be willing to be pregnant and give birth to a child, not knowing if it will bring great joy or tremendous heart ache is a fearful and courageous act. Many choose not to have children for that very reason and more. I understand my five daughters are making their own choices concerning this area. Nevertheless, I   believe we all have many things within us that desire to be birthed, no matter the gender.


Grandchild growing in Renee second photo 2-18-15Whatever they are, they all  take time to mature. If we are patient and diligent, the day will come when it is time to be released, birthed for all to see. While giving nurturing it with the ability to grow, it will flourish and bloom to its fullest potential. As a Heart Mender, I encourage all to embrace with confidence that which is truly within. As we allow our gifts and talents to come forth and freely flow, we will see amazing things manifest. To be able to experience some things in life we must remember there will be times when we decide there is  “No turning back!” When we do so we can celebrate new life springing forth.