Aug 06

Laughter is good like medicine

497How can we actually laugh every single day when there is so much pain in the world? How can we give ourselves permission to relax and entertain a humorous moment knowing others are suffering tragic experiences? What can we do when our heart is breaking from the loss of a relationship, job, or life long dream?

If there is nothing lively going on in our personal world, think of something that is funny outside our sphere of influence. As I was doing so, I found a site that was created for people who were doing something unusual.  They were practicing ‘Laughing Yoga!’. I laughed for a long time as I watched them having fun. I decided I would return later and join them.

Warning: Laughter is contagious, similar to yawning, when one person yawns another begins. It is humorous to watch people who are sincerely laughing and then actually join in the fun. Laughter is free and a wonderful emotion to share with others.

Here is a challenge for all of us: Before going to bed at night find creative ways to have a good chuckle. Life is full of amusing things. If we can not find anything in our surrounding area, we can look on the Internet for amusing entertainment. I also found another way to have fun is to spend time with children. As I stop and actually take time to play a game with them, I not only have a good time I get to laugh a lot. I literally feel younger and healthier.

For many the concept of playing or having fun is a foreign word. I encourage others to embrace the child within, no matter what their age, and take time to relax and find some form of pleasure that is not work related. Another form of free entertainment is observing others around us. Some call that ‘People Watching’. When we can see others without having a judgmental attitude we can easily be amused. After all, we are so unique and free to be creative in the way we clothe and decorate ourselves, it is fun to see how people express themselves in so many different ways.

There is a funny side to life at times, even in the midst of sad things that happen. It takes boldness of character to acknowledge that reality. Most of us will see it after the fact. Many times we get caught up in some kind of drama and completely forget there still is funny things in life. When we have the ability to see the humor in things we can allow ourselves to laugh. That is a power we possess within, waiting to be released.

Here is a tip that would be helpful for the times when life gets tough. Build a repertoire of funny stories we have heard in the past, as well as things that happened to us personally. Pull them out and read them when the temptation comes to be angry, have a pity party, or withdraw. As time permits in the future, we may share these stories with others. Remember, it is good to laugh with those who we enjoy spending time with and can trust to tell our silly stories. While doing so we may help lighten another sojourner’s load while we share our authentic and genuine joy and laughter.