Sep 30

Reflections of the Heart


How often do we look at what is in our heart? Are we trying to deny or even ignore what we see? Truly, no other can know what is in the heart of man. When we take time to stop and listen to what our heart is really saying, what do we hear? Are we at peace or at war within ourselves? Are we free to follow our hearts desire or cry? If we are not, why?This may be difficult to answer.

When we acknowledge what we really ‘know within’, line up in agreement, we can reflect our light and love to others, walking in our genuine and authentic life. Finally, we may find what we have been looking for our entire lives, true inner peace and joy.

Sep 29

Open or Shut Gate?

When we arrive  at a place in our lives where we desire change, we have to ask ourselves if we are willing to leave the familiar to go into the unknown? As we approach visible, or invisible (subconcious) gates in our lives, are we willing to push past them, to open the gate and walk through it to the other side? If we truly want to experience something different in our lives, we  have to be willing to do something different. The choice is ultimately ours. I am heading toward the open gate! Are you?