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What do you really do anyway?

I was asked by someone recently to explain what I actually do, and share a little about my life. At my age it is difficult to sum all that up in a few words. Starting with being raised on dairy five miles out of a small town, being the fifth of six girls, we all milked cows before and after school. After chores and homework, I loved to spend hours drawing while designing clothing for young adults. Once married, I put away my art supplies to focus caring for and raising my five daughters.

At fifty I began my educational journey. For fun I was able to take one art class at a community college. We started our day playing music while enjoying the freedom to explore with different mediums and colors. Finishing the community college I enrolled at Simpson University where I graduated with two Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Leadership and Psychology. I continued my education at the University of San Francisco, graduating with a Masters of Art in Counseling Psychology. Education is a continual process. Although I am currently licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, I have a combination of three and half years of Doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology as well.

Spending thousands of hours working with clients I found no matter the challenges people faced, art is a powerful therapeutic tool to help them. I watch clients set free, facing fear of an empty canvas or white paper, create their own art while expressing deep feelings and emotions, releasing the pain and shame of the past.

I also attribute part of my education to members of a local Art Association. When I faced my own fear and visited their meeting I was amazed how I was welcomed. There was freedom from fear, no competition, no judgment, just friendly artists excited to be together. I encourage others who desire to be creative to seek out others with the same passion and join or start their own community group.

At the time, I was on a mission. I was asked to draw a portrait for a famous man named Rich Little. It was to be a thank you gift for helping us with a fund raiser. He too is an artist and had donated some of his drawings toward the cause. When I explained my situation to the artists they directed me to contact a teacher who was also an awesome artist. She gave me tips and showed me techniques to be improve my drawings. More importantly she helped me believe in myself. When the time came to drive to Las Vegas to deliver the picture I finished to Mr. Little I was really nervous. What if he didn’t like it? It was too late to turn around and go back home. When we met he was totally surprised. Pleased I was able to capture his dimple he laughed and said, “I will hang this in my house!” From that time forward his wife and I became good friends. The picture seen here was taken minutes before I was to present the portrait to Rich, capturing my uncertainty as well as the art piece. I share this information to encourage those who may also desire to step outside their familiar arena stretching towards a desire or passion for something new. If I would have let fear paralyze me I would not have this story to tell, nor could I have experience a new friendship.

To answer the question I was asked earlier, “What do I actually do”? I am now taking my combined knowledge of Art, Doctoral Life Coach and Consultant training, Psychology with health emphasis, and my Organization Leadership training and creating a new career as a “Heart Mender Specialist.”

While working with clients we get to the heart of the matter and relieve suffering. Healing broken hearts, Empowering through making good choices, using therapeutic art, journal and free style writing, with talk therapy, are a few of the tools used to help set people free.

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Aug 26

Are you ready?

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Fear of the Unknown Holding You Back?

There are times we may desire to do something new, unique, or completely foreign to us. Because we will have to travel in to new territory, it is called the unknown, we may feel shaky, our feelings can be unsettling, even nerve racking. Why? I am sure there are many variables involved in every situation that create unique and individual scenarios. Nevertheless, I believe we are similar in one area called procrastination. We may find that we have put things off because we are afraid of that which is not familiar.

Is it time to start, even if it is scary? Each one of us has to answer that question for ourselves. For once we start something we actually put in to motion a situation of some sort that may or may not be successful. Perhaps we will try to accomplish a particular feat, and then find we did not have what it takes to complete that task. When that occurs we may see ourselves in one or two ways. Some fall into the trap thinking they are losers because what they desired to accomplish didn’t happen. Others may look at themselves as highly educated, for they have learned many lessons along the way.

Education is expensive no matter what field we go in, or what school we enrolled. The school of hard knocks has a reputation of being painful yet I believe some of the most powerful lessons are learned there. The key is not to forget the answers that were learned for the next test that will be coming up.

In the realm of education, I have been gifted with many opportunities in life. Some of which is the ability to read, write, understand and teach. Having those abilities I have been trained in the field of psychology, have counseled many years in many different formats, and have the ability to help others who have a variety of different needs. I am thankful I can be of service and help relieve suffering.

Using the knowledge, gifts, and skills I have acquired over the past twenty years has provided many exciting and interesting life experiences. As I continue to expand my expertise I am reminded of the words of wisdom from my mentor many years ago. “You can train and train and train, but sooner or later you have to get in the ring!” I can add more knowledge, research, write, and talk about, “Someday I am going to…” Although I know someday is not on any calendar, it is easy to believe that it exists because we all have heard it said so many times.

Is it time to face our fears and acknowledge the fact we are ready now? Ready for what? Are we ready to start that which we have been putting off because of fear? Fear of failure, fear of success, will keep us from starting to work on, make, or do that which is in our heart to accomplish.

Personally, I have decided it is time. I am ready. I am going for it! I am stepping away from the familiar IMFT/ Ph.D./Psy.D….all of my former training, letters and degree’s on the wall to take a step up higher on a new platform.

It is time to embrace that which is within and allow all that dwells there, love, compassion, understanding and education to be released in a new way. “Ready or not, here I come”, that was a saying we shouted while playing hide and seek so many years ago. Now it is time to boldly say it once again.

Being a Heart Mender Specialist is the result of that decision. Combining the psychological, biological and the spiritual elements, I am available to help those in need. It is our ultimate goal to get to the heart of the matter resulting in healing and freedom.