Oct 21

Permanent Weight Loss?

DSC02281Is “Permanent Weight Loss” an Oxymoron? This is an excellent question. I realize that everything changes continually, yet I have an unrealistic expectation when it comes to the scales. For many the fear of gaining weight, or losing weight and having it be a permanent is a constant battle. How many  Americans are continually attempting to lose weight, yet the weight always comes back? According to Glenn Gaesser, the average body weight and “obesity” prevalence were increasing at the same time increased weight loss were attempted; suggesting that weight loss is not successful.

Is it true so many are at war with themselves? Some people work hard trying to lose weight. When it  comes back, they face new challenges feeling like failures, guilt and shame added to their burden.
Fifteen years ago the data from the 2000 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey and data from the 2000 U.S. census, stated approximately eighty million U.S. adults were currently trying to lose weight, yet even these numbers were not realistic. So many more were silently suffering as they isolated from society. There is not a realistic way for anyone to know for sure what true success or failures were experiences concerning long-term weight loss.

No matter what the numbers are, as we look around, we can see there are many who are still suffering, tall or short, large or small, due to food issues. These experiences are having a negative impact in many realms.

I believe our health should be one of our top priorities, yet we can procrastinate when it is time to make healthy changes. Knowing we have an epidemic of diabetes in our country, we still can put off doing what we need to do to be healthy. As serious as it is to have this disease, circulation problems resulting in amputations, blindness and early death, we can still fall victim to over indulgence or bad choices.

It is well known that obesity can contribute in the cause of getting diabetes. Why do we ignore such serious warnings? Could it be that we believe it only happens to the other person? Is it possible we are procrastinating, for surely tomorrow we will eat healthy and exercise? Whatever the reason, it is important to remember, we only have one body to live in. Live life well.