Aug 30

What Does That Mean?

1-3-11 447Willing to Search the Horizons to Find the Answers

How do we view the question, “What does that mean”? Being silent has multiple reasons. Seeing something that takes our breath away, so stunning, so awesome, can leave us speechless. Perhaps a beautiful experience occurred and all our words fail to describe it.

Shock and awe is another form of energy that can interfere with the ability to communicate. It is difficult to ask questions or speak out, let alone explain what is happening. Many times we may not possess the qualifications or communication skills to be able to share our thoughts clearly with others. We can become frustrated without the psychological and cognitive resources needed to speak.

‘What does it mean’,can be viewed as a question of curiosity, or one of a veiled threat and challenge to authority! Every individual that is curious, has a desire to learn, can ask simple questions and wait to find the answers. It is a good thing to take time to increase our knowledge and understanding. It is a powerful gift of freedom to ask simple questions and to know for ourselves “What does it mean”?

Jul 30

The Sound of Your Voice

Eds VOCan Anyone Hear You?

Although there are times when we may be quiet, I question if anyone would notice? We are bombarded with many sounds. There is the media, radio and television, Internet, and input from all those around us. It is difficult to find a place where we can experience quiet. Perhaps if we went on a Pilgrimage and walked where the road is less traveled there would be less noise.

There are moments we have the opportunity to communicate with others in a variety of ways. Calls, texts, letters, emails, social media are the norm. Let us use these opportunities to share our hearts with those we care about. While we have the freedom and ability, lift our voices to share love and encouragement with others.

Jul 08

Can I Hear Your Voice?

Eds VOI Will Let My Voice Be Heard

While it is possible, shall we speak up and share our thoughts with others? Are we bold and courageous, willing to take risks and proclaim our dreams as others have in the past? Is it OK to dream big in a world that seems to be crashing in all around us?

If you were free to say what is on your mind, would you let your voice to be heard? If so, what topic would you decide to talk about? There are so many areas that can be covered, it is best to discuss that which we are most passionate about. What happens if we desire to talk about things others don’t want to hear about?

We have many decisions to make in life. One of which is will we let our voices be heard?

Apr 23

What Can I Say Now?

236 Beauty Can Be Comforting


What do we say when we do not know what to say? There are times when there are no words to describe the circumstances we are dealing with. How do we express the emotions we feel, or the pain we are in? Perhaps the reason we are given tears is to be able to express the deepest emotions that words can not convey.

When we are given the opportunity to be comforted by another during a time of trauma or loss, what can we say to describe those intimate moments that only those involved will ever know? Perhaps we will never be able to explain or talk about those experiences, although they were life changing. Some things in life result in circumstances that bring us to the point of reality we never dreamed possible. At those times we are getting as real in life as it ever gets.

How do we recover from painful times of grief, loss, or a break up? How do we deal with losing a relationship with someone we were involved with for many years? Knowing we can not change history, nor can we change circumstances, being able to come to acceptance is the key to peace. I choose to understand this truth. We cannot change history, therefore we need to grieve our loss and embrace the knowledge we have gained from each experience and move forward. .

This is not an easy concept, yet a very powerful one for those who accept it. We continue to learn as time passes day by day. How we view life now will determine how we view life in the future.

Apr 11

Whats your password?

cactus plant rising to the sky 2012 087


We have been trained to use a password to protect our privacy and prove our identity. How many times have we been asked to use this mysterious combination of characters and numbers to gain access to something we desire to use or see?

Using this form of communication and interaction with others requires the ability to pass through certain filters as well as having the ability to connect to the Internet. That all said, anyone who can read these words obviously has already accomplished that.

What happens if we find out we are communicating with someone who is portraying to be different than they really are? Knowingly or unknowingly, they are presenting to be someone or some thing else; without  being honest with themselves as well as others. Many times it is because they don’t really know who they are.

When one realizes they have ran from the reality of truth, in relationships, work, or even their heart desires in life, what shall they do?. Once they realize this fact, how do they find a solution or release? The fact is   “Once we have seen we can’t un-see!” Truth sets us free. When we see the shift coming, time passes and transitions occur our anxiety can increase. We must decide if we are to embrace the moments as they unfold or do we retreat to familiar ground?

Without the proper passwords other people can not get access to our personal information without permission. What happens when one penetrates the firewall, gaining access to our feelings and emotions unexpectedly, leaving words on the screen, as well as the heart? How did they find out how to get to the most treasured area of life that was securely buried in data?

Are we aware of the fact we gave permission to access our domain without a password, for somehow they touched the area, the deep matter of the heart. May we be sensitive to the fact we have now been invited to this new area with others to grow deeper in our communications together.

Mar 01

Spending time


Putting things in to perspective can help relieve stress and give us greater wisdom and understanding of situations in life. While flying and looking out the window every thing looks different. The piles of paper work on my desk, bills that need to be paid, or the floors that could be vacuumed do not seem to  have the same importance at that moment. Obviously as our point of view changes so do the things that demand our attention.

It is good to be reminded about the power of our thought process and our view point and the impact they have on our well being. We can become stressed out thinking we don’t have enough time to take care of everything thing that we want to get done. It is true, we are right, and it is o.k.!

That may sound strange but it is also refreshing to be understand and be reassured we are not required to take care of everything our minds think about. There are many things we think we have to do, want to do, or really should do. Our thought process moves much quicker than our bodies can, therefore we will never be able to accomplish all the things we may desire.

By focusing and with due diligence we can accomplish certain things in life, and hopefully those which are the true priorities we need to take care of. At times we may even need to enlist the help of others along the way. With many distractions and shiny objects desiring our attention, it is important to make decisions that we know what we need to focus and complete.

In the midst of busyness, priorities, never ending to-do lists, I still desire to take time to communicate and be creative. That said, as a writer, there is one thing I know I can do on a daily basis. Capturing a moment in time, a thought, and a picture, translating them into this written form while still alive and animated, to share ideas with the hopes others will be encouraged and do the same.


Dec 24

What Would You Say?

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If you were going to have someone quote you in the future, what would you say? As silly as it may seem, our words can out live us and be repeated throughout time in one way or the other. If we knew for sure we would have some type of influence by the spoken or written words we utter, would we change them?

When asking who is Sarah Hale we may not know. If we were told she was born in 1788 and died in 1879 we still may not know. Yet her words have been heard multiple times as we grew up. Sarah could never have dreamed how her words would become so well known to the masses over the past several centuries. Many could name her song and sing it just by reading the first words.

“Mary had a little lamb/ Its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went/ the lamb was sure to go”.    Sarah Hale

We come and we go, yet our words will remain with those whom we chose to share our thoughts. As time passes we may think about the important things we need to say to others. There are those who desire to listen and others who do not.

As a professional public speaker, it is important to know who is the audience. The size has an impact, for a small intimate group may call for a different type of message verses a larger audience. Although we may never know who is listening, shall we continue to speak up to share knowledge and understanding? If you were to be quoted one hundred years from now, what would you say?

“Time will tell.”    Brenda Ballantine

Dec 08

The Power of Words

251“Good words are worth much and cost little.”  – George Herbert

When we struggle with the issues of life we may forget that we have power in our words. Relationships can be healed or broken with the choice of words that are spoken. It is refreshing when we have the pleasure to spend time with one who knows how to speak life, truth and love to others. It is painful to be with one who is skilled in speaking negative words that wound to the very core of our being.

“Sharp words make more wounds than surgeons can heal.” Thomas Churchyard

There are times when we can hear great quotes, read them in a book, and see them framed on a wall. Some are written in truth and have very powerful meanings. We can enjoy reading them and even repeat them, the question is do we actually hear them and apply any to our personal lives?

Hopefully we will begin to recognize the power of our words and choose to purposefully speak life and truth to others.

“Words, like fine flowers, have their colors too.” – Ernest Rhys

Nov 25

To Itch Or To Scratch



When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen.  Samuel Lover (1797- 1868)

As we take time to read for a variety of reasons we may not acknowledge the fact that someone was diligent to take time write the words we see.

Whenever we watch a program or movie, how many times do we stop to notice who was the writer? We might think about the type of movie we want to see, or who is playing in it, actor/actresses, that follow the script word for word.

It is interesting to think about all the people who are working behind the scenes to bring to life the words that may have came forth from one individual sitting alone at their computer or with a notepad and pen.

May we continue to encourage writers to write, and teach children to read and use their imagination. May  those who are called step into their individual authentic realm, enjoy reading great literature and pen beautiful lines.


Nov 22

The Mind Is Everything



It is interesting, as one who is an observer of the written word, to see how writers create empowering thoughts, or fear provoking angry thoughts. Therefore it is up to us to choose what we read and write.

Having the freedom to express ourselves in this realm we call blogging, it is important to question our motives to communicate.What is the message we want to pass along? Are we writing to promote our agenda? Is there a need that is being met when we take time to write? Could we believe that what we have to say is important, and we must share it with the world via the Internet?

Enjoying the freedom and ability to read and write and share information/ insight is a true gift. Empowering others with new knowledge and wisdom is a great contribution to those around us. Are we doing it out of love and a desire to help, or are we trying to build up our own ego? It is important to be proud of a job well done, and to enjoy the outcome of our labor and our diligence.

I found these words written in a classroom I was visiting a few days ago. Both are examples of how we can share thoughts though the written words. Depending on the individuals beliefs and mind set will determine how they view these thoughts from other writers we do not know. What do you think?

Egotism = The anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity… (Unknown).

The mind is everything, what you think you become…       (Unknown)