Feb 08

To Be Opened Soon?


Many times in life we desire the ability to make changes. At other times we refuse to surrender and fight that which must occur. We experience a sense of confusion, not knowing what we can depend upon or what will happen next. One door shuts and another hasn’t opened.

Knowing we lack knowledge, and in unfamiliar territory, we can stop and seek help. Entering into a new career, relationship, or unique business opportunity can be scary. What is behind the only door presented to us? Is it safe to knock? What happens when we do? Will someone answer? Whatever mystery is behind the door, it can only be solved when someone is willing to wait until it is opened.

Can we be patient during this time of uncertainty? As each season changes it creates transitions in our lives. Circumstances present situations that place us in front of many doors over time. We have the freedom to choose what to do. Do we walk on by, or do we stop and see if a new door opens? We may find, once the door has opened, a whole new realm of hope. Once inside we can have a different point of view and enjoy tremendous opportunities for a new life.

Feb 04

A New Beginning, Again?

Our Beautiful Home

When we experience life changing events, they will always take time to process emotionally, mentally and physically. During this transition, time continues to pass. Every twenty four hours mark another day on our calendar. We know with each new morning there follows a brand new day. As simple as that sounds, it is important to remember we have never ‘spent’ this day before.

And so it is… A new beginning, all over again. A day we have not yet experienced, in a time we have not seen before, bringing lessons that are only beginning to unfold. Let us embrace each new journey with a heart of joy and great expectations.



May 02

Plans Change Again


Life Is A Beautiful Gift To Enjoy

Writing a to-do list, thinking we will get up and conquer the world, face our giants, climb the mountain of obstacles, and sit down and relax at the end of the day may sound like an awesome victory. Perhaps we will be successful in accomplishing a great deal and celebrate our small or large successes.

What do we do when we have these great expectations, desires, or demands and we are not able to accomplish them for one reason or another? Are we a failure? Do we view ourselves in a negative light because we were unable to complete something we thought was a good idea earlier?

Being alive, let us take time to see the beauty around us even if we have a tremendous amount of things to accomplish, or if we have nothing to do at this time. Understanding we are all viewing this new day in a different way, it is still a gift we can celebrate, with or without requirements to do anything. Today is a gift to enjoy. We are here and can see beauty in many ways, and express ourselves in the midst of the surroundings we live in. There are many wonderful reasons to celebrate our ability to live and breath and have our being. Are we willing to slow down and share these moments with others? Even if doing so may be just giving someone a flower, or sharing a smile, to do so can create memories for others to celebrate life as well.

Apr 09

New Meaning in Life

1-3-11 441

Transitions Like the Waves, Non-Stop and Ever Pounding

There are times in life we will find our communication is non-verbal. Many things are said between the heart of another, searching for truth while looking deep into the soul, the eyes being the window. Straining to listen while silence continues to scream so loudly it becomes deafening; all this without a word being spoken.

How do we arrive to a place that seems almost sacred? Where can we go, what do we pay, to be able to enter into this type of intimate communication? This place and time can only be experienced in a realm that is surrounded by safety and covered in trust. Many times it is accompanied by painful circumstances. While there a stripping away of that which is familiar and well known takes place. Being left naked and vulnerable, we may choose where to go from there. Do we keep trying to go back to that which once was, yet never can be, or do we embrace our vulnerabilities and truth and move forward?

There is constant change in life. We desire to understand what is happening as those changes continually occur. Our seasons change, circumstances change,  moods change, everything changes day by day. When the changes occur we do not like or desire, we may attempt to make new changes. When changes happen that are outside of our control, how do we change to compensate for the transitions?

One gift in life is the fact we don’t have to do all this alone. We are able to reach out to others and build relationships. When the time comes when we need help we have each other. It is beautiful knowing the matters of the heart and to be able to share love, life and truth with another, with or without words to describe it.

Whatever course we chose to take, while we are alive, let us live life to the fullest!




Mar 01

Obviously you are changing!


What does it take to make drastic changes in our lives without some type of dramatic event or crisis? What is that one thing that we can freely embrace that will compel us to let go of that which we are familiar with, even if we do not particularly like or enjoy it. What keeps us in our uncomfortable comfort zone and keeps us from taking hold of something new? Is it the fear of change in and of itself?

We know that everything has a season, and when that season changes what once appeared to be beautiful begin to change as well. When we see trees break out in beautiful colors, covering limbs that were once bare with tiny blossoms we know spring is near. Quickly they fall to the ground to be replaced with many tree leaves. Every year we can observe seasons change in many ways. Even watching as the weather changes has an impact on us by requiring our actions to change accordingly.

As humans, how do we change in our personal seasons of life? Obvious changes are seen as babies turn into toddlers and then begin to grow into childhood. Soon we have teenagers, young adults, and hopefully full grown and mature adults. Those changes are predictable in the physical arena. There are many psychological theories taught about the different stages in life we go through. Some may or may not agree with these theories.

What about other types of changes? We hear about changing our minds, do we change what we believe in? When we were young we might have believed in fairy tales, Santa Claus, and even worried about if there were monsters lurking about. When did we change our thinking and decide we didn’t have to worry about the boogie man or monsters hiding under the bed anymore? As we continued getting older our perceptions changed, our maturity level increased and our understanding and perspectives changed as well. Therefore we do not think the way we used to. Is it possible we entered yet another season in life, or is it just the season we were in changed as the blossoms fell from the tree making room for the new leaves? Here we are having the opportunity to view life differently once again as we celebrate another change.

Feb 26

Changing moods



Is it possible to know if men have the same frequency of mood changes as women? Is it factual that women actually change their minds as often as people say they do? The question stands, is it ok for any of  us to change our minds, if we are men or women?

We know the weather changes, as well as the seasons change. Our bodies change and our relationships also had will change. Things we were able to do when we were young have changed; we are not able to perform as well as we once did as we continue to get older. Our interests will change as our maturity level increases. Although this is not new information, why is it we always get surprised when someone we know and love begins to go through transformations and ultimately changes as well.

I have the opinion that we may have false perceptions that we are suppose to be the same as we were, in reality it is impossible. When we think about the fact it is reported every seven years our bodies go through a complete change, why do we think we should look the same. That all said, why is it we think we are suppose to same the same?

Are we being influenced by our media, culture, peer pressure and faulty belief systems? What is causing our changing moods? As long as we are heading in a positive direction I think we can adjust to whatever changes we have to face.

Feb 25

Constantly changing

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There are times in life when we may be free to do things we enjoy and at other times circumstances will come up that appear to turn our lives upside down. Our plans to accomplish certain goals could have been completely changed. Things we thought we could count on seemed to disappear.

We understand that things never stay the same and our lives are in a constant flux. Why do we fear change when we know it is a natural part of life? We can rest assured knowing the only thing that we can really count on is the fact things will always change.

How do we handle life’s changes with grace? What do we put our trust and confidence in when we know everything is as shifting sand? This question can only be answered by each individual as they stop and look into their own heart. Some may say they trust no one, others say they place their trust in the rock of their salvation.

When we accept the fact there is a season for everything, we can be at peace knowing things are beginning to change all the time. We can’t place get our security from any person, system, finance, or organization for they too will change.

Accepting that reality allows us to flow easier as we go in and out of each transition in life . Finding others who are like minded and are willing to go through changes with us is a gift to be treasured. Going with the flow with someone you know is much easier than going it alone. We need each other as we whether the storms of life. It is not too late to begin making new relationships. To do so we need to remember that true friendships are a gift, and to have friends one must show themselves friendly.

Feb 05

What motivates change


As time passes many are going through changes, some are pleasant while others very dramatic. It is said, “Everything is for a season.” Knowing that nothing stays the same and change is inevitable, why is it that we experience fear when change comes? Fear of the unknown?

When we have been committed to one thing, and something else comes along that we may prefer even better, we can make changes and choose to embrace the new opportunity, circumstance or relationship. Perhaps one has been single for a long period of time and enjoys their freedom to come and go as they please. When they find another who desires to share their life with them, are they willing to let go of their  independence, control of personal finances, favorite food choices, and a variety of other things? They might have took for granted many of the freedoms one has when they are single.There are pro’s and con’s for being in a relationship and being single.

What motivates one to change may be the exact thing that keeps others determined they will never change. We are all different, individual, and unique. As time passes and we get older things change in our lives in many ways. Our choices will be fewer due to many circumstances than they were when we were younger. It is time to recognize, having eyes to see, what opportunities we have right in front of us at this very moment. Do we desire to embrace them? Let us take time to determine when changes come if they  truly are what we desire and if we can realistically enjoy them, of refrain and look for alternatives. What motivates change? For some, reward behavior modification, using stickers, sweets, financial gain, or pleasure can bring about desire changes. For others, negative reinforcement with some type of punishment, cost, pain, or financial loss can also bring about change.  I prefer the reward system and that will bring the desired results with desired change. Whatever the case, count the cost before making any commitment is great advice.

Jan 30

What shall we do now?

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There are times in life we call seasons where we are required to do that which seems impossible. When we find ourselves in those situations we have to make decisions how to proceed. Do we step out in faith and move forward, even without the knowledge of how every thing will work out? Are we willing to be risk takers, hoping to succeed yet knowing we are committed to take the chance of failing?

As new opportunities arise, we can sit on the side lines being too afraid to reach out for our desires, then  watch as others take advantage of the situation and grab a hold of our cherished prize. The amazing thing is we still live in a world where we can actually create new opportunities if we are willing to do so.

Is there one thing in the midst of all the abundance that we are surrounded by that calls us to become more? Perhaps we desire to be a musician, artist, writer, or do other types of work using our creative gifts and talents. The question is, what shall we do now? It is time to find new expressions and new experiences for this new season.

Jan 04

Change Is About To Happen

1-3-11 724

Sometimes Things Have to Be Moved to Make Way For The New

Perhaps we need to make changes and yet we are not sure what needs to be done. Shall we make drastic decisions and remove everything and start over, or just make small changes? There may be  times when we question if we are actually doing what we desire to or are called to do. Are we headed in the right direction?

There is a saying, “Keep doing what you are doing and you are going to get what you got!” As we ask ourselves questions, are we content with what is happening in our lives, in our community, our country, our world? If we are not content, is there something we can do to make a positive difference? If there is,  what will it take? Whatever we decide we want to change, we need to included the power of persistence.

Nothing in this World can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence an determination are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.                 Calvin Coolidge

It is true we need persistence to fulfill that which we desire to accomplish. As an author one has to begin and finish a book, as an artist one takes an empty canvas and creates a beautiful painting, a musician may write a song and then play music to accompany it. Each endeavor starts with an idea, a beginning and a desired end to be accomplished. This can only be done with persistence.

What area do we desire to change or influence, and are willing to commit to the time and energy to see it through? Counting the cost, with the determination and persistence, shall we embrace a new vision? Can we press forward working toward our goals with the desired result in mind? Let us encourage each other to be persistent and celebrate our successes, large and small, let’s celebrate one and all.