Sep 27

Not Sure?


There are times when we just don’t know the why’s or the what’s that come into our lives. We question the purpose of things that seem to come out of no where. We have many questions, perhaps as simple as, “What is with this picture? What is it and what significance does it have? The fact is we may not always know the what’s or why’s of things. Sometimes we have to acknowledge things are just the way they are, and many times appear to have no apparent reason. We can choose to embrace ‘Acceptance’ during those times, seeing it as a gift we can give to ourselves. In doing so, we can enjoy peace knowing it is OK not knowing.

Feb 27

Watching Your Step?

We all agree that stepping on a sticky piece of gum on a hot summer day can interrupt our stride. It will get real messy unless we stop and take care of the situation. I don’t recall ever hearing someone rejoicing when they suddenly recognized there was a gooey, foreign object, stuck to the bottom of their shoe.What do we do, just kick off our sneakers and keep going? Not likely. It is profitable in many ways to slow down and watch our step. By doing so, where ever we go in life, it may save us much time, grief or heart ache in the future.

May 22

Are You On Solid Ground?

20160213_094720Stepping Out On Solid Ground?

Drawn to that which is dangerous, we can go out on a ledge. Nature has no mercy. It is a force that no man controls. Respecting that fact, we can enjoy its beauty and admire the majesty while staying at a safe distance.

It is wise to know our limitations and boundaries. Knowing we can be swept off our feet by that which is beautiful, perhaps even more powerful than we are, we must step back. What appears so stunning may also be a danger if the warning is not heeded.

We live in an amazing world, where life is filled with great adventures and challenging struggles. Just as ocean waves crash into the rocks or roll gently onto the beach, so it is with our emotions as we walk through life. Standing on the rock gives us a firm foundation, whereas shifting sands provide no security.

Choosing to experience each moment to the fullest, let us live while we are alive. By seeing what we can see, hearing what we can hear, and sharing what we can share, we are always taking a risk. Being vulnerable, authentic, and genuine may not be in a familiar comfort zone, yet it is in the best zone to be fully alive.