Feb 20

Are you hiding or stuck?

At times in our life we wonder if anyone would notice if we disappeared. Although we may try, did we really? Perhaps we think no one can see us when we try to hide. Yet, to others it is obvious exactly where we are. As time passes and there is no communication with others, we need to remember silence can be misinterpreted. There is an unknown message still being sent. It is important to realize we need each other and reach out when we are able.


Aug 26

Silence is Broken

fall 08 077In life there are times we encounter a beauty that is unexplained. It can pass so quickly we might not consciously acknowledge its presence. Yet our hearts were quickened and our senses heightened. We beheld the invisible in all its glory. What is that which is so full of life, passion and excitement?

What captivated the depth of our soul without our mind being able to comprehend the experience? That which is unseen yet felt, known but never fully understood, is available to be embraced. Those willing to be vulnerable, risk takers, and completely surrendered may enjoy this powerful force forever. No performance required, no rituals or duties, this unconditional gift is called Love.

Let us love one another.

Jul 31

Taking a Second Look

DSC03306“In Season and Out”

It is easy in our culture to slip into a mindset that is can be predictable. This picture is a great example. With a pumpkin and a cat on the roof, does it have a significant meaning? Was it posed? Should this picture only be posted during Halloween? The truth is this cat wouldn’t have a clue about any holiday, it just loves to climb up on the neighbors roof and watch the world go by. The pumpkin perched on the  fence could be a harvest prize or a holiday decoration.

Does everything have to have a label or interpretation? It is understood we try to understand our world by our interactions of the past, family experiences, traditions and cultural . What happens when things get changed? What if we began purchasing Christmas trees and decorating them in August? Would others think we are strange?

We know there are four seasons in the year, winter, spring, summer and fall. We have to adjust our lives accordingly to each season. Yet there are other seasons in our lives. They can deal with relationships, work, age, families, and our life styles. When young we are free to express ourselves in certain ways. As we get older, as seasons change hopefully we will mature, doing so, we change our ways once again. Whatever season we find ourselves in, let us remember to celebrate life to the fullest. Lets dare to be bold, free, unique and authentic in every realm. Live while we are alive!

May 28

Anniversaries – Good or Bad?


20160311_200131“Celebrating Simple Pleasures in Life”

A Day of Remembrance is one definition of the word anniversary. Are we compelled to celebrate a particular day out of duty or guilt? Are all anniversaries meant to be joyful, one that requires a special meal, a lovely card and perhaps beautiful flowers?

The fourth of July weekend is a special holiday, as well as an anniversary marking another year of  freedoms. Few might have the experience of someone asking them to get married on the fourth of July, where others may be told their lover wants a divorce. Do they celebrate the fourth the same way, perhaps with fireworks as well, or do they suffer the anniversary of their loss all alone in a quiet place?

Losing a job or gaining new employment are significant events in our lives. Do we celebrate the date we were set free from a job we might have despised? Do we embrace the negative thinking of ourselves as losers, failing to keep something even after we grew to hate it? How can we gain new employment without letting go of the old job? In the same way, how can we enjoy a new relationship if we are not willing to let go of a toxic destructive one?

Whatever choices we make over our lifetime, whatever decisions we face, they create days of remembrance; making an anniversary of some kind. Knowing life is not a dress rehearsal, lets enjoy all that is provided to live an abundant life. Knowing the choices we make, and the desires we embrace will  always have consequences; lets make good choices that will open doors to help us celebrate life freely. By genuinely creating new memories they too may become another positive anniversary in the future.

May 12

Writing a new script in life

20160124_133700 Changes Like the Waves Are Never Ending

 When we experience change there is a certain feeling of disconnect. We can feel the sensation of being lost and not knowing what to do. There are times in life when things change drastically. What once was a very real circumstance or situation may no longer exist. Perhaps we changed locations, jobs, schools, or even relationships as life continues to press forward.  We also need to look within to see how each change effects us.

By visualizing one who is a script writer, ask yourself a few questions. What happens when the characters do not comply with the plot? When the script gets changed, how does the director take action? As we all can participate in this world living out our own scripts, how do we react if the plot thickens? What if the actors do not stay true to their lines? What if they refuse to play their part? What if they decided to play the part of another actor in this universal play?

We can all learn how to write a new script for our lives. If we need help we can tap into other resources and acquire their wisdom. There are many who have greater skills and knowledge than we do; perhaps they would be willing to share. What does it take to write a new script for our lives? Let’s encourage each other to grow, while teaching, supporting, and encouraging one another along the way.

Apr 26

Being Yourself Without Permission

495“Each Individual & Unique Flower Is Living It’s Own Life”

How am I not myself? What a great question to ask ourselves. Are we bold enough to really think about this? For those who are willing to do so, they can find out it is awesome to actually contemplate the answers. What is the wisdom of others who say so flippantly, “Just be yourself”? How can we not be ourselves? Being authentic, unique and being true to ourselves is a great goal. Not everyone desires or is willing to do so. Living outside of the box (arena) that other people think we should live in can be painful.

Why do we think it is important to gain the approval of others, so much so, that we strive to try to be something other than what we really are? Whether short and sweet, or long and drawn out, we must determine what really matters in the long run?

Taking time to reflect on the meaning of life one may recognize the futility of striving to become something or someone else, especially if it is only to climb to the top to try to be successful. Is success defined in a career that may provide abundance with money in the bank? What about being rich in relationships, good health, and spirituality?

Not judging others along this journey, more questions come to the surface. At the end of the day we all may hope to arrive where we belong. Once there, what will we find? Does it all come back to the simple fact we should enjoy life and celebrate who we are created to be? Let us embrace those we are fortunate to have in our lives each day and encourage them as they become more authentic as well.

Apr 25

Does Anybody Care I’m Hurting?

615“One Place of Refuge When the Our World Falls Apart”

Many times we may wonder, “Does anybody care what we are going through”? We have a secret world others are not aware of and we may guard it closely to protect ourselves from any prying eyes. Yet we also hope secretly that there is at least one who is aware of our pain and might ask if we are OK? Is the spirit of the good Samaritan still alive that passed by and acted upon that which others ignored? He was one who saw another human being suffering and reached out to help.

Do we think that we are exempt from the humbling experience of pain, suffering and need? Do we categorize those who are supposedly less fortunate to a realm of purposeful failure, therefore deserving of their fate? What happens to our minds when we find ourselves in those same circumstances, all without our consent or wrong doing?

Depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and other negative emotions run the gamete, coming into play when we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control. They are so painful and we can not comprehend it, nor know how to handle it. What do we do when we  do not know what to do?

These are times when we need others who are willing to be supportive, love us unconditionally, and are dependable to give us good counsel. They have no hidden agendas, are not manipulative, and have our best interest at heart. When we find ourselves in a place of vulnerability, it is truly a blessing to have others in our live who can stand beside us. They share a word of encouragement, a hug, or will be a silent companion willing to sit and be still in a painful environment. These are the times when we can give thanks for those who are gifts sharing life and love no matter what circumstances we are facing.

Apr 16

From the Heart

JUNE #2 08 045Determined to live life while I am alive may sound strange, therefore I decided to write from my heart. After facing the loss of many loved ones over the past few years I realize I too am here for a limited time offer. Knowing this fact is true, I must ask myself how do I pursue my dreams, desires, and fantasies?

Is it OK to follow our passions, perhaps throwing caution to the wind, when we know there are so many things that need to be done; some of which others may call being responsible? Or can we actually say it would be irresponsible ‘not’ to follow our true feelings and hearts desires?

I do not believe this life is a dress rehearsal so I challenge myself to live without regrets to the fullest. We know that as this day passes it will never return. Ending at midnight, everything that was accomplished is now already history. It is an amazing gift to be able to see each morning, knowing it brings new opportunities to express emotions, communicating with others, or enjoying silent reflections of the heart. Wherever we are, whatever we are facing, let us seek out creative ways to share ourselves with others.  Let’s celebrate this experience and acknowledge our awesome gift of life.

Apr 13

Life is a Book…



Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read. (Anonymous)

Remember “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”  (Oscar Wilde)

A lover of literature, written and unwritten, we may explore unknown territory if we desire.

Choose well, your choice is brief; and yet endless.  (Goethe)

Determined to be authentic, we may share our stories with others, while reading their unique ones as well.



Dec 19

What can you say?

1-3-11 418


When it is late in the day and we are tired, what can we say? Knowing there is power in words, do we look for a quote trying to express a thought, or do we speak out with hope others understand what we say?

The morning is soon to arrive and the day is done, are we finished or is there one more thing to be said, or errand to run? It is hard to accept the reality we can never accomplish all our minds desires. Our body is is much slower than our mind, which moves faster than any human being can move

No matter what we do, we must finish the mission of the day? Does anyone care one way or the other? Many times they do not, unless they are the boss and what we do will bring in more money for them. With time passing so quickly I ask, “What can we say? How did we finish the day? Does it matter anyway?

We can only guess for we will never know the impact we have on others. We make choices that impact the way we grow. Truly that is what matters as we will all agree, surviving the odds to be able to be you and be me. From that point of view I only have one question to ask, and will listen to hear the answer at last.

What can you say, as time passes and we are all looking for answers? Shall we compromise, or declare what we believe? We know not all agree with the way we think, yet we choose to accept others, and know life is good and we will celebrate. Our response is with confidence, as we know the way, and will continue to proclaim it’s another great day!