Can you hear that?

Silence may seem like a desired experience until you can’t hear anything. How often do we take for granted the beauty of sound? We are gifted if we have the ability to hear the beautiful  music of birds singing from a distance. How do we hear the wind blowing, or a train whistle as it travels down the track? Sounds can be used to warn  us, as one honks a horn or an alarm is triggered. We can appreciate the sweet sound of music that may calm our soul as we meditate. Yet music can also take us to the edge of our seat if it is loud and obnoxious. Whatever form sound takes, we can appreciate the ability to listen and strive to understand it’s expression. A great example is the roar of the ocean as the waves pound the beach. What message does the waves speak to our heart? We know that all vibrations have a message to be heard and a message to be shared, it is up to us to listen. Can you hear it?Brenda website

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